Make the Pledge to Support Black Business!


I, (Say your name), pledge to Support Black Business – whenever I can and wherever I go – from this day forward. No exceptions.

In cash, in deed, or by some other way of support, I pledge to do all I can to see Black Businesses Succeed. I speak LIFE over them! After all, the more they develop, the more likely black people will get jobs because nobody hires black people more than black businesses. It’s a fact.

CLEARLY, I understand that we live in a capitalistic society whereby small businesses are the backbone. And that is where we must all respect the grind and hustle of the true entrepreneur. Truth is, black people have always had to hustle. It is nothing new. Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Black Wall Street is the quintessential example of what black people can accomplish … against all odds!

I also understand that African Americans generate over a trillion dollars in annual disposable income. That is more than some nations!

Hence, given the plethora of challenges facing Black America, I submit that a simple, common sense solution is ….  Supporting Black Businesses!