Celebrating Black Media! #supportblackmedia

A special word of thanks to these independent black media outlets that have assisted us over the years …

The Northwest Voice Newspaper

Black Business Review

The Flywire

Lush Radio Online

The Power Magazine

Polite On Society


The Bmorenews.com family is so proud and honored to work with these independent news outlets. Marcy Evans Crump, Lushy Lush, Kenny Brown, Hassan Giordano, Alexis Coates, William Wingo and Marc Polite represent the true spirit of the black press – going back to its early roots amidst the era of American slavery. Back then, the collective mission of the black journalist corps was to fight to abolish slavery and to halt lynchings. Over the years, the cause evolved into a movement seeking equal access and fairness for African Americans.

Today, social media has leveled the playing field to a point where the “little guy” has the same chance of breaking big stories globally as do the larger corporations.

While it is often a thankless job, it is imperative that all of America, beginning with black folks, supports these entities. Advertising is always a critical issue – for without the proper financing, the black press cannot survive. So, we encourage everyone to do what you can to help keep these black media outlets viable. They are essential to our existence because no one can tell our story like we can! #supportblackmedia