Former Mayor keeps the door open for future run for political office

(BALTIMORE – November 10, 2016) – This is a statement from Former Mayor Sheila Dixon, post-General Election 2016:

“First giving honor to God for guiding me through this process as we sought to make history over the past few weeks during this amazing campaign.

To my family, friends and loyal supporters, I appreciate your commitment to me and the city of Baltimore.

This election cycle was an eye-opening experience, from the unprecedented amount of irregularities we experienced during the Primary, leading to the first ever decertification of our local election results to the historic write-in process I decided to embark upon over the last thirty days leading up to the General Election.

I am truly humbled and grateful for the amount of support I received both during the Primary, as well as in the General Election, by voters who saw fit to have enough confidence in my love for this city to grant me the opportunity to have a chance at regaining the position I am destined for.

While we came up short of that intended goal – receiving enough votes during this write-in process to declare victory last night – we still won over the hearts and minds of thousands of voters across this city from various economic, racial and political backgrounds – all of whom believe in Building a Better Baltimore. As a lifelong public servant, born and raised in the City of Baltimore and having been blessed to have been a teacher and an elected official for nearly three decades combined, I realized the need to have a passion for what you do and the people in which you serve.

The work of a true public servant is characterized by selflessness, love and considerable skill, as so eloquently stated by America’s first African American President, Barack Obama. Yet to me, it is also a true calling, as characterized in the Bible as a ‘means to fulfill Jeremiah’s call to seek the good of the city.’ I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best and brightest minds in this city, who have enabled me to assist those less fortunate, most of whom are often marginalized and disenfranchised based merely on their zip code and unfortunate circumstances.

This journey has allowed me to have a positive impact on their lives, by recognizing the needs of those who may not have a voice in Annapolis, or inside the hallways of City Hall; but who deserve the same level of unfettered access to their elected leaders as the wealthy developer or entrenched lobbyist. It is those individuals who inspired me to seek the city’s highest office, both in 2007 when I was fortunate enough to be elected the city’s first female Mayor, as well as in 2016 when I made my return to local politics.

I’d like to congratulate Mayor-elect Catherine Pugh and all those elected Tuesday, especially all the new members of the City Council, most of whom are under the age of forty and eager to make a real change in our city. I also would like to thank Alan Walden and Joshua Green for a spirited and competitive campaign. I have a lot of respect and admiration for both gentlemen, especially that of Josh, who I believe represents the future of our city and look forward to seeing great things from this young man. The voters have spoken, and I would like to congratulate Mayor-elect Pugh, and pray that she remains in good health and great spirits as she goes about the process of leading this city forward.

Public service can often be difficult, frustrating and downright dirty at times, but it also has the potential for someone to have an extraordinary impact on the lives of thousands, which is a responsibility we should be proud to have been entrusted with and never take it for granted. The selflessness that arose from the ashes of a woman seeking to empower her community as an educational advocate made me the leader I am today, and I thank the voters of this city for having the faith and confidence in my abilities over the years to bring about the positive changes my administration accomplished.

But now I look forward to working with the new administration in helping Baltimore grow, and want to thank the voters of this city from the bottom of my heart for their love, support and prayers along the way. This isn’t goodbye, just the closing of another chapter in our lives; but I look forward to beginning a new chapter as we seek to soar to new heights, something unimaginable just a year and a half ago as the world watched our city from afar. We are a city entrenched with such a rich historical background that we should all be proud to call Baltimore our home.

Thank you and God Bless!”