Op/Ed: Presidential Perspective 2016: Looking Forward … by K. Hayes

(BALTIMORE – November 20, 2016) – Ok! So, y’all know I never get political on FB. I just post funny meme’s and pictures of good times but I have to say this. I was a Trump supporter for most of the election. Yup I said it: Trump. I agreed with his views on healthcare, education (all of my educators know why, he wants to eliminate Common Core all together) and I agreed with his view on restoring law and order (but not that stop and frisk sh*t).

He said things that most wouldn’t dare to say. I respected his honesty. Might not have been appropriate or right but I knew what I was getting. Then some of his skeletons started coming out and I switched to Hillary. No, not because she was a woman or because I thought she would be able to lead this country but strictly because she was Bill’s wife and I was hoping during pillow talk he would be advising her on how to run this country. I thought he was a great leader.

So with that being said, I wasn’t happy with either candidates. I voted for Hillary because I thought she was the lesser of the two evils. But I’m not mad that Trump won. Stop acting like now that he is in office we are going back to slavery. We are not our ancestors, we will f*ck a racist up!!!

Trump, whether you want to admit it or not is a brilliant businessman. Stop looking at all his failed businesses. He was strategic in all his bankruptcy’s, closing businesses, etc. He does what a lot of wealthy business men do. Unfortunately for us, we may have to eat the cost if he runs our country like he does his businesses. Rack up bills and then bail out. Or he just might shake this country up and give us something different. Let’s be patient and see.

If he f*cks up, there is something called impeachment. Let’s hope it is exercised!! Just remember this: there were a lot of people 8 years ago feeling just like how we feel today when Obama was elected. And he came into office and shook sh*t up. I’m kind of excited to see what this brilliant idiot does. Let’s just hope he don’t hit the secret button and blow the world up on one of his temperamental days.

Stop complaining and feeling sad. It’s nothing we can do but hold him accountable. I’m off my soapbox now. Everybody go to work. Michelle Obama for president in 4 years!