THE GLOVER REPORT: The Time Has Come #dixonformayor

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – November 6, 2016) – THE TIME HAS COME: Martin O’Malley and the ‘powers that be’ KNEW that Sheila Dixon was going to effectively represent the people – then and now. Truth is, O’Malley’s peeps were responsible for ALL of those dirty TV ads that played on TV all through the primary.

For the astute observer, Sheila was targeted because “they” knew she was her own woman and was intent on effectively serving the people of Baltimore; ALL PEOPLE! What’s wrong with that?

Clearly, certain folks want to maintain the status quo in this town – a status quo featuring failed leadership that ultimately led to the FIRST RIOT IN 47 YEARS, as surmised from the recent DOJ Report post-Freddie Gray.

Clearly, Sheila’s view of Baltimore and O’Malley/Democratic machine’s view of Baltimore are quite different. For one, Sheila chose to end “zero tolerance” – a policy that locked-up one in six of us. O’Malley didn’t like that. She also chose her own police commissioner. O’Malley didn’t like that either. And, thirdly, Sheila chose to support the first black president. Again, O’Malley did not concur – even though he later opposed the Clintons in this year’s Presidential primary.

So, after years of waiting her turn, this gladiator of a woman finally put her name back in the ring.

Despite harsh opposition including efforts by Jim Smith in Baltimore County, Sheila STILL resoundingly won the vote on Primary Election Day 2016. As for Early Voting in April 2016, it was a catastrophe and to this day, no one has been fired at the City Board of Elections or at the State Board of Elections, despite an unprecedented de-certification. Shameful!

If you recall, there were 1,800 voting irregularities in Baltimore alone vs. 200 in the 23 other jurisdictions; this included missing thumb drives, uncounted provisional ballots, and untrained judges. The election officials lied to the people.

By the way, the winner of Early Voting typically wins on Election Day. That did not happen this time. And that is very strange, causing many people to think the primary was a sham.

Also, the pundits kept talking about how black people do not vote. On the contrary, there was and is a RECORD VOTING TURNOUT.

So, here we are on the verge of the most important election since 1999 in the City of Baltimore, and we need the people to show up and write in Sheila Dixon’s name, and fill-in the bubble. Not only that, STAND THERE AND WATCH YOUR VOTE GET RECORDED.

If you do not understand something, ask a question. If you see something wrong, say something. Be proactive. We cannot afford any more years of neglect, especially in East and West Baltimore. Enough is enough. The Democratic Party sided with the O’Malley people and cowardly teamed up against one lone black woman, Sheila Dixon.

It is time for the people to rise up, vote, and right this wrong! #dixonformayor #writeherin #reclaim #revive #rebuild