Op/Ed: Vote “NO” to All Baltimore City Bond Questions

(BALTIMORE – November 2, 2016) – Question A is Eminent Domain sponsored and encouraged by City Council President Bernard Jack Young and the entire City Council.
Though the first line of Bond Question A states “Affordable Housing”, none of the wording is synonymous with “Affordable Housing”. Words such as relocating, moving persons, acquisition, deposition, incidentals and legal expenses are in connection with “Eminent Domain”. This is the exact thing we were all afraid that Donald Trump was pushing for. Our Baltimore City Council is so honorable.
Speaking of honorable, the Honorable Paul Graziano announced that the lower end of Park Heights will continue with development plans, without a developer. There is a huge immigrant Russian Jewish population that needs housing immediately, on the upper end of Park Heights. City Councilwoman Sharon Green Middleton has received quite a bit of campaign donations from the 5th district Jewish community and has violated Baltimore City ethics by pushing the poor Black people in Park Heights to vote for Question A. She is so honorable.
Baltimore City already has “Affordable Housing” what we don’t have is rent control. Baltimore Housing has been issuing padded housing vouchers for $1800-$1900, so the residents being pushed out of neighborhoods because of public funding (TIFS) will be able to move in stable middle class communities with hard working families fighting to maintain their homes and communities. What are we going to do with with all of these honorable representatives?
Vote “NO” on all bond questions. We can’t account for the money collected by the city, diverted by the city and missing from our operating general fund. We have already voted for audits and now they want cancel it out with performance audits.
The mayor and city council are so honorable they don’t want real audits, but fake audits.
Don’t vote with blinders on,
The 6th Network