The Glover Report: Why We Need to WRITE-IN Sheila Dixon!

(BALTIMORE – October 29, 2016) – Whether it’s Govans, Roland Park or Harlem Park, that Sheila Dixon is one beautiful soul. Being up close, let me tell you – that is, if you don’t know – she is one genuine, down to earth person who truly appreciates life and sincerely wants to be the servant-leader our beloved City of Baltimore needs.

Like most Baltimoreans, I was heart-broken to see our city on fire last year …. like it was 1968 when tanks were coming across North Avenue and people were looting and setting buildings ablaze. I remember that as clear as day. I was 3 years old. I’m a grown man now and I can tell you that North and Patterson Park – all the way to North and Hilton … looks much the same.

Other than former Gov. Bob Ehrlich’s heavy investment in Coppin State and what the art community is doing at North and Charles, this major thoroughfare called North Avenue is long overdue for serious economic development attention. And this is exactly where I think Sheila will make a difference. Nobody else in the race better understands the dilemma that plagues us whereby some areas continually get blessed while others get continually ignored. I believe they call it the ‘tale of two cities’.

Some 47 years later, our city went amuck after the ‘laying to rest’ of Freddie Gray. The then-police commissioner closed down the Mondawmin MTA stop without telling the mayor; the students at the historic Frederick Douglass High School directly across the street from the bus/train station were dismissed from school – without their parents being the wiser – into a situation that evolved into international proportions … literally.

It was embarrassing getting phone calls from all over the country asking if I was okay. Our beloved city was being mishandled by people who obviously did not know what to do.

I’m so mad at myself for even listening to the local news stations because they were calling it all wrong. In the fray, our children were called “thugs.”

You see, when the news said that rioters were coming down Pennsylvania Avenue, I had to go and see for myself. It is two blocks from my house and I had to go and see what all of this news chatter was about. Do you know who these so-called rioters were? They were school students wearing khaki pants and button down shirts and carrying books.

I could have kicked myself in the butt!

But, …. I digress. My point is that if Sheila Dixon were Mayor, this would have never happened!

Yes, I’m playing ‘Monday morning quarterback’ because I live here, too. And frankly, for too long have I seen East and West Baltimore – including Edmondson Village, the Heights, and Cherry Hill/Westport – ignored and neglected. Freddie Gray was the culmination of decades of historic abuse by the powers that be. Too often, those doing the ignoring are my fellow Democrats in this 9-to-1 Democratic town.

After 17 years of benign neglect by the real powers that be, voting for Sheila Dixon is an obligation of anybody who truly cares about this city. For instance, at today’s forum at the Prince Hall Masonic Temple on North Eutaw Street, Sheila Dixon once again demonstrated her mastery of running City government. Her answers made a lot of sense because, obviously, she knows what she is talking about.

Let’s be clear: It all starts at the top, and Sheila gets that. She unequivocally understands the need to ensure that government works for the people – including in Park Heights where the Racetrack Impact Funds have hardly improved that area for the people who live there at all. And she understands the need to build leaders across the city to replenish the ranks. I think that is a most beautiful trait of hers, especially in place like Baltimore where too many of us are just downright stingy.

And we are talking about millions of dollars that were supposed to go to Park Heights beginning years ago. This is yet another example of what happens, Dixon explained, when there is no commitment to serving the needs of the people; all people. And Sheila indeed pointed it out at today’s mayoral forum: The City of Baltimore receives money for an impoverished area, but too often that money is moved around to other projects – typically in other more affluent parts of town.

Ladies and gentlemen, politics determines who gets what, when, and where. Thus, we need servant-leader types like Sheila Dixon to make sure that all of Baltimore gets fed, not just downtown. And for those in the know, the riots a year and half ago came about because of one primary factor: a continued neglect that finally showed itself last spring.

Sheila Dixon knows her job. Even more, she seriously wants that job back and it is so very evident. Hence, we have to support this soldier of a woman and write her in.

Interestingly, and I guess it will be newsworthy upon a Dixon victory in this General Election, she hinted that her late entry was indeed strategic.

I implore all of our readers, supporters and close friends to highly consider writing-in Sheila Dixon for Mayor of Baltimore. Thank you. #weareBaltimore #dixonformayor #writeherin