The Glover Report: DOJ Report Misses Complicity of Maryland Democratic Party, Local Media

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Brian Easley (center) and Bmorenews Publisher Doni Glover at City Jail visiting L Section. It housed 14-17 year olds who were charged with adult crimes. This was circa 2004. Gwen Oliver (left) helped facilitate this and other visits to the jail by

Dedicated to the memory of Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tyrone West, Anthony Anderson, Amadou Diallou, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Korryn Gaines, Sandra Bland, and countless other black people killed by American law enforcement

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – August 16, 2016) – It took a 167-page report to tell us the obvious: The police do not investigate police in Baltimore City and if you, Joe Blow, try to bring the police a move by reporting them, they are quite likely to stalk you and “jack you up.” Born and raised in Baltimore, I have come to know that these are traits of a bully. I know that bullies are not tough guys at all; they are really suckers who live in fear because of their own inadequacies, including a lack a faith and a lack of accomplishment.

While the recently released Department of Justice (DOJ) Report on the Baltimore City Police Department does a darn good job pointing to the government-supported segregation and discrimination against African Americans in Baltimore City, including the most heinous housing practices in the nation, there are a couple of items it does not mention that help lend to a better understanding of the machinations of institutional racism in Baltimore City. This was prompted by the untimely and unfortunate death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray who died after contact with Baltimore City Police.

To its defense, the DOJ Report certainly was not intended as an historical overview of the indictment of the racist culture of Baltmore. It was focused only on the actions of Baltimore police.

Historically, Baltimore had the largest population of freed blacks in America prior to the Civil War. Blacks from the South flocked to Baltimore for employment. Hence, certain members of the white population have been perpetually faced with what local historians call “The Negro Dilemma”: What to do with all of these black people. (I actually discuss this in my book, “Unapologetically Black: Doni Glover Autobiography).

Presuming that one agrees with my premise that racism is simply white males’ fear of black males, then one can safely concur that the ill-treatment of blacks by whites in Baltimore is very deeply entrenched. While the Baltimore City Police Department is in the hot seat at the present, locals know and understand that local and state government have a hand in this state-sanctioned discrimination and abuse of black people, also. So, too, do the judges who impose lengthy sentences on black males in Baltimore share the onus. Further, politicians who have not spoken against these abuses, be they black or white, highlighted in the DOJ Report are complicit. And last, but not least, Baltimore mainstream media are a part of the problem. For me, they actively play the storyline that black people are criminals and that white people are saints. For example, two Harford County sheriffs were killed by a white man, David Evans, yet his picture was never shown on television; weeks later, the photo of the three Ford Brothers in Prince George’s County (all black) was put on TV immediately following their crimes against cops.

Now, before I get too ahead of myself, let’s be perfectly clear: The police in Baltimore did not get “off the hook” just in the late 90s and the early years of the new millennium. Instead, it was in these times that the hatred of black people was amplified with some 600,000 arrests.

Ironically, when Ferguson, Missouri was the center of world attention as protestors shouted “Hands up, don’t shoot” repeatedly on social media, the fact that this small town had very few blacks in elected office was highlighted as an area that needs improvement. Ferguson hit the international news when a young Michael Brown was shot down like a rabid animal on August 9, 2014. Protests erupted around the nation.

Baltimore, on the other hand, has a significant number of blacks in local and state government. We even have a black Congressman. Unlike Ferguson, Baltimore is loaded with black elected officials. Yet, there is no difference in how blacks are treated making many deduce that it does not matter if a lot of blacks are in office or if none at all, these warped-minded leaders are going to do what they want. This includes failing to effectively serve black citizens.

Right now as we speak, Milwaukee is the hotbed of national media coverage. To say the least, very few have faith in the government to protect the rights of black people. Even more ironic, this long string of murders of black men – and women – by police has occurred on the watch of the nation’s first black president.

Clearly, America has a racial hatred problem, and like I stated previously, it stems from white males’ fear of black males.

In response to these murders of several young black men and to the credit of Pres. Barack Obama, who is a black man, the Department of Justice has been unleashed on demonic police forces nationwide. Back in 2011, then-Assistant US Attorney General Tom Perez stated that the 17 DOJ “patterns and practices” investigations that were happening were unprecedented.

So, let me not at all appear ungrateful for this DOJ Report on Baltimore. I am indeed grateful and am also elated that the feds now officially know the terror under which we have lived our entire lives.

However, true change is still unlikely unless we further probe those hidden areas of this cancer, as noted by Attorney Billy Murphy. If you ask me, this ‘cancer’ may end with the bad police of the Baltimore City Police Department and the shot-to-death black men in the city morgue, however, I believe it starts in places like City Hall and the Annapolis State House. I believe it starts in places like Towson, the county seat for Baltimore County.

It is in these governmental institutions that policies are adopted, budgets are approved, and where anybody who gets in the way of white male domination becomes black-balled. In extreme cases like that of the late Robert Lee Clay, I, like many others, believe that murder is also a method implored by white supremacists. Over ten years ago, Robert Lee Clay, a noted-black contractor and popular business advocate, was reported to have committed suicide, according to the Medical Examiner’s Office here in Baltimore. The only thing, though, is that Clay was right-handed; yet the bullet struck the left side of his head. Clay was in staunch opposition to the Martin O’Malley political ascension in Maryland and we see Clay’s death as politically-motivated and not as an act of suicide.

And Clay was not the only one killed, I believe. I think the late City Councilman Kenneth N. Harris, Sr.’s murder was terribly suspicious. Kenny did not care for O’Malley, either.

I and others also believe that former WBAL TV 11 TV Reporter Sade Baderinwa was struck by a car in New York City while reporting news – all as a result of dealing with Martin O’Malley.

So, let me just say it: The entire DOJ report pretty much sums up why so many black people in Baltimore despise Martin O’Malley. The sad part is that despite his lack of love for people of color, this man was allowed to put his name in the ring for President of the United States this year.

While the DOJ Report notes that the Department of Justice was welcomed by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, there is no mention that she and O’Malley are of the same political machine and that their families’ history go back to 1999 when her late father endorsed O’Malley. Nor does the DOJ Report acknowledge that the Democratic nominee from the April 26th election, Catherine Pugh, is essentially a part of that same O’Malley machine. Additionally, the DOJ Report does not mention how the April 26th election was a scam and a robbery, clearly short-changing the people’s champion for mayor of Baltimore, Sheila Dixon.

I say this because this was the first time ever that a Baltimore City election was de-certified and whereby there were 1,800 known errors at the polls in an election that was won by a scant 3,000 vote margin and characterized by the smell of a dead rat and an election day riot at the Pugh headquarters that was barely reported in the mainstream media. Yep! Had the DOJ Report been expanded to include how Baltimore politics really work including having untrained and unqualified election judges guiding the election precincts, maybe then I would truly respect it. Or, had the DOJ Report alluded to how not one Democratic elected official protested how some 2,000 votes were illegally procured by the Pugh campaign with promises of a $12/hour job and chicken boxes (yes, chicken boxes), maybe then I would have some faith in its findings.

Based on what I read in the DOJ Report, O’Malley should be brought before the court and charged with war crimes against black people.  Further, all of his political hacks and cronies – particularly the black ones – should be charged as well for betraying the public’s trust and for not effectively serving the masses of black people in Baltimore.

Local and state officials – and black figureheads from across the community – who did not try to impeach this man should immediately resign for failing to uphold the Constitution. Surely, there is no statute of limitations on war crimes. Is there?

And so, I think the real culprit in all of this is the Maryland Democratic Party. Baltimore is a 9-to-1 Democratic city. And quite honestly, Democrats in Baltimore City have failed black people. My childhood neighborhood, near Patterson Park and Lanvale in Historic East Baltimore, has not been renovated in my 51 years of living.

In Maryland, a 2-to-1 Democratic state, we have watched state elected officials tout all kinds of legislation for other challenged communities. Yet, it has consistently failed to address the disparities in black communities across the state even though black people are its most loyal demographic. After all, they do have all of the pertinent data. Don’t they? Surely, our elected officials have seen how many people from the 21217 zip code have gone to prison over the past 22 years since Pres. Bill Clinton signed the omnibus crime bill in 1994, right? Surely, our elected officials are aware that this nation has gone from having 300,000 inmates in the Clinton era to 2.3 million today – 44% of whom are black males with black women serving as the fastest growing prison population.  And I am quite sure that these elected officials also know that while America only has 5% of the world’s population, it has over 25% of the world’s inmates. Don’t they?

Furthermore, I am certain that our elected officials are aware that we have major issues in Baltimore, including a struggling school system where Baltimore Polytechnic Institute has gone from a national leader to 49th in the state. Correct?

He has since left the Baltimore City Public Schools as CEO, but Andres Alonso’s reign of terror which began under O’Malley wreaked mayhem on our children. Yet, before he left for Harvard, Alonso was hailed as this great agent of change by local media. For God’s sake, this man dismantled 75% of the principals in Baltimore. Yet, our elected officials were apparently too afraid to say anything.

So, in short, the police are one thing. At the same time, the politicians who are in charge have also failed black people. On top of that, these politicians are typically Democrats. The mainstream media also is a part of the problem; they lack cultural sensitivity. On most any local broadcast, the crimes reported are too often about black people when black people are hardly the only ones committing crimes. And, we really and truly cannot forget the Fraternal Order of Police, the police union that views non-supporters, black or white, as “THUGS.”

This prompts a lifelong Democratic to question: If this is how my Democratic brothers show me their love, then Lord knows what it is to experience their hate. The DOJ Report, I guess, is a start. Beyond it, there are some deep, psychological issues far beyond the police department. This hate rests in the souls of many people who refuse to come wholeheartedly into the 21st century and respect all of God’s people, regardless of race. There are longstanding issues of racial hate that permeate American society, and until it is openly admitted, then this DOJ Report is just subterfuge. Until this cancer is fully put under the microscope of blind justice, thoroughly examined, and treated, then nothing will change.