Black Wall Street HARLEM: The word is spreading!


By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – July 29, 2016) – The ORIGINAL Black Wall Street SERIES *NYC *MD *DC *ATL *NOLA by, ProComp Realty and REAL Radio with Lee Vaughan recently visited Harlem, New York. Special thanks to Mrs. Diane Bell-McKoy.

For the past five years, we have honored hundreds of black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race. For us, it’s all about the spirit of Black Wall Street, possibly better defined as love. We find that we have everything we need as a race in order to succeed …. if we just focus.

Further, we are so very proud of the efforts in Durham, Houston, Atlanta, Baltimore and beyond when it comes to banking black. We could not be more proud than to see black folks …. THINKING …. about their dollars. After all, we have a trillion dollars annually in disposable income and that is more than several nations around the world. If we only knew how powerful we really are! And that is the dream: Seeing our celebs, star athletes, degreed-people, and the everyday Joe all working together to make Black America better. Ase! And thank you for your support of black business! In the words often used by Maurice Tates/Entrepreneur, …. “To God be the glory!” ‪#‎blackwallstreet‬ ‪#‎inmemoryofTulsa‬

Honorees included:
Kevin Livingston
Comedian Jamie Roberts
Rev. Eugene Richard Palmore
Marc Polite
Victor Pate
Peter Miller &
our beloved Dunbar Poet who never wants any credit, Linda Marie Weaver. We love you! It’s all about us helping us, just like they did in Tulsa where 600 black businesses emerged in a most racist America. Furthermore, I am sure they had challenges. Yet, they evolved into the envy of America in the year 1921 – 8 years before the Great Depression.

Bottomline: Support Black Business! #blackwallstreet