The Glover Report: #BANKBLACK: Baltimore’s Black-owned Bank to be Featured on The Doni Glover Show, 7.19.16

joe haskins

Joseph Haskins, Jr. Chairman, President & CEO, The Harbor Bank of Maryland


By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – July 17, 2016) – For years now, Mr. Joseph Haskins of The Harbor Bank of Maryland has been incredibly supportive of Because of the support of his bank and other businesses, we have been able to do news talk radio broadcasts, podcasts, the ORIGINAL Black Wall Street SERIES *NYC *MD *DC *ATL *NOLA, and now, our newest addition to the family: (Atlanta-based news and information portal).

It is our Atlanta operation that actually inspired this column.

As a result of the horrific racially-charred killings over two weeks ago, our BlackATLNews editor, Robert M. Scott, shared a few posts on social media reminding African Americans to support black banks. 11Alive reported that Citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta, which is black-owned, picked up 8,000 new customers.

The story pointed to the power of the black dollar. It also highlighted that Citizens Trust Bank is the only black-owned bank in the entire metropolis of Atlanta.

Similarly, Baltimore has one black-owned bank, the Harbor Bank of Maryland. Prior, there was Ideal Savings and Loans, which is closed. And there was Advance, which was acquired by MECU in 2013.harbor bank16

All that to say, when I saw the push for new black bank accounts in Atlanta, I could not help wanting to see the same thing for Baltimore’s black bank. So, on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 10 am (Streaming at, we will feature – once again – Mr. Haskins. Our goal is to increase the number of accounts at Harbor Bank. It only makes sense.

Special thanks to my very dear friend and big brother, Erich March of March Funeral Homes, for a ton of inspiration on this topic. March, whose family was instrumental in founding the bank, told Bmorenews in an exclusive interview: “The bank is owned by a majority of minority stockholders.” He added, “While John Paterakis is the largest single stockholder, the stock is owned by blacks.”

Bottomline: We are the cavalry. No one is going to do for black folks what we can and should be doing for ourselves. So, please support black business as often as possible.