Op/Ed: From Where Will Leadership Come? by Ralph Moore

ralph moore

Ralph Moore, Community Advocate

By Ralph Moore

(BALTIMORE – July 17, 2016) – The late Judge William H. Murphy, Sr. use to say, “we are wandering in the desert.” He was speaking of our people 20-30 years ago. But that statement can be applied to our nation, perhaps even our world today.

The violence in our society is indicative of a people lost in fear, anger, hatred and ill health. We are worshipping false gods: guns, hate and ideologies. We wander; we meander aimlessly.

From where will leadership come? Who will lead us out of this place of intense heat, mirages and the lack of the cool refreshment of reason? Our political leaders from Congress to City Councils aren’t getting us out of it. Too many religious leaders are at a lost as to how to connect the gospels to what is going on all week in our streets, outside the church, the mosque, the temple doors. Police cannot protect and serve us out of it, despite the better efforts of some, maybe most. The media cannot lead us out of the dessert. Its members have profit motives, stretched resources and a few hidden agendas.

Who shall lead us out of this confusion? Most of us don’t want to hate or kill. Most of us are healthy enough to listen, forgive and learn from others different from ourselves. Most of us are simply human beings trying to enjoy our lives.

So, who shall lead us? I don’t know but perhaps we “should look into the faces of our children to find truth”, as the Reverend Harold Dobson use to say. And perhaps we should listen to the young ones.

Peace and save the children.