ABC presents 2016 Women On The Move Awards : Sept. 8th @HORSESHOE CASINO


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2016 Women On The Move

Women on the Move Awards

Thursday, September 8, 2016, 6:00 PM


1525 Russell Street * Baltimore, Maryland 21230




Nominations are due no later than Friday, August 19, 2016.

The completed packet may be e-mailed to

ABC is now accepting nominations for the WOMEN ON THE MOVE AWARDSWomen-Owned businesses, Women-Led businesses, Women-Owned small businesses (less than one million dollars in revenue), Women under 30 years old who are making a difference in their community, and Women over 30 years old who are making a difference in their community are encouraged to nominate yourself or someone you know as a Woman on the Move!

Please answer the questions and submit the material requested with the nomination packet as described below.  A panel of judges will make the final selections; two honorees will be selected in each category. 

* The questions to be answered are different for each award category.


Women Owned Businesses, please answer the following:

  1. Please describe the nominee’s success after having to overcome a significant challenge and the role of the nominee in that challenge.
  1. How is the nominee’s business making a measurable difference in their respective community, either through philanthropic activities, in the hiring practices, and/or with nonprofits making a difference in the community?

Women Led Businesses, please answer the following:

  1. This business is a success! Please describe the most significant challenge faced when moving this business forward.
  1. Mentors can play a role in managing challenges or in helping one to connect to knowledge and/or relationships. Please describe how the person being nominated played a role as a mentor in the business or the larger community.

 Women Owned Small Businesses (businesses with less than one million dollars in revenue), please answer the following:

  1. What has been the nominee’s greatest challenge and greatest inspiration to succeed?
  1. Briefly describe one significant piece of advice that the nominee would give to a woman starting their own business?
  1. Please describe how the nominee’s business is giving back to the community to make a difference.

Making A Difference In The Community (Questions for women 30 years and over and women 30 years and under)

  1. Describe the nominee’s organization or project (4-5 sentences).
  1. What are the goals of your organization or project?
  1. Describe your biggest challenge moving this organization or project forward.
  1. How is the nominee’s organization/project making a measurable difference in their respective community?

Please Select Nominee Category Below:

Women Owned Business   *          Women Led Business    *      Women Owned Small Business


Making A Difference In The Community

  • Women 30 years and over *      Women 30 years and Under 


Nominee’s Name:  ______________________________________    Title:  ____________________

Name of Nominee’s Company, Organization or Philanthropic Project:


Address:  _________________________________________________________________________

City:  ______________________ State:  ____________________   Zip Code:  _________________

Phone:  ______________________               Fax:  ______________________

Email Address:  _________________________@_________________________________________


Name:  _______________________________________Title:  _______________________________

Company or Organization Name:  ______________________________________________________

Address:  __________________________________________________________________________

City:  ______________________ State:  __________________       Zip Code:  ___________________

Phone:  ______________________                           Fax:  ______________________

Email Address:  ________________________________@___________________________________

To the best of my knowledge, the information provided herein is true and complete.  I understand that the Nominee Selection Committee for Associated Black Charities will use the information I provide on this application and I consent to the use of such information for the purpose of selecting nominees.


I hereby authorize the use of my name, my company’s name, and photographs of the nominee in connection with Associated Black Charities’ Women On The Move.  I agree that no compensation shall be due to me or to my company for such usage.


____________________________________         ___________________________________________

Signature of Nominee                       Date               Signature of Nominator                                      Date


Women on the Move Awards

Nominations Package Requirements

A complete nomination package should include the following:

  1. Completed Nomination’s Form which identifies one of the five categories you are nominating someone for, i.e. Women Owned, Women Led, Women Owned Small Business (for this category only, revenues less than one million dollars), Women 30 and over or Women 30 and under (Who are making a difference in their community).
  1. The Nomination’s form must include the nominee’s name, the business or organization’s name, address, email address and telephone numbers. (Self-nominations are welcomed, but if the person nominating is different than the person being nominated, we also need that contact information as well in case there are additional questions).
  1. Answers to the questions for the nomination category for which you are applying or recommending someone; no more than a total of 2 pages.
  1. A photo of the nominee (via email, it can be uploaded upon submission) with the person’s name listed on the uploaded document name.
  1. A brief biography of the person being nominated (this is in addition to the answers to the questions outlined for each award category).
  1. Submit at least two (2) letters of recommendation indicating why they concur with the nomination of the person for this specific award category; the letters must be forwarded at the same time as the nomination material is completed.


All awards will be judged by a panel of local and state business owners, and corporate and philanthropic leaders. Two honorees in each category will be announced during the Women On The Move awards ceremony on September 8, 2016.


Associated Black Charities of Maryland, Inc., 1114 Cathedral Street * Baltimore, Maryland 21201
* 410-659-0000 * 410-659-5121-Fax