Black Wall Street ATL to Recognize The Blacktop Circus, “The Funniest Show on Earth”, 6.22.16, Paschal’s, 7pm

swift andrene

Anthony “Swift” Rice and Andrene Ward Hammond created The Blacktop Circus.

Black Wall Street ATL featuring the Joe Manns Black Wall Street Awards, 6.22.16, Paschal’s, 7pm


Black Wall Street ATL Honorees include two entrepreneurs/actors – Anthony “Swift” Rice and Andrene Ward Hammond. The two partnered and developed an acting and improv company, The Black Top Circus. The Blacktop Circus, established in 1999, is comprised of 8 stand-up comedians who wanted to do clean comedy.

Further, in 2007, “Swift” also wanted to work with kids and teach them improv. Hence, Swift and Andrene created the “Blacktop Circus Goes to Camp.”