TGR: Happy Father’s Day to the Men of James Mosher Baseball … And Volunteer Coaches Everywhere Who Give a Damn!


“Coach” Thomas White, III (Treasurer) has been a part of James Mosher Little League since I was a little boy. Happy Father’s Day to all of the men of James Mosher Baseball who helped save our lives! #jamesmosher4life

James Mosher For Life!

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – June 19, 2016) – I had a chance to go home yesterday – to James Mosher’s Family Day. Can’t begin to tell you the memories that fluttered my mind, let alone the tons of love from seeing people I have known most of my life. These are people who watched me grow up. They helped raise me into who I am today.

Some of the volunteer coaches at James Mosher are in their 70s. They are father-figures in the community who have given unselfishly of themselves and their own personal resources to make James Mosher successful ever since I was a little boy. And when I see them, I do my best to say “Thank you.”

Thanks for saving our lives. Thanks for giving a damn. Thanks for taking kids back home after practice and helping to build character in thousands of us. And a special thanks for the coldest sodas on this side of the Mississippi.

I am truly honored just to know them for we are one. As I have gotten older, I’ve come to truly appreciate the men and women who make James Mosher work. They will never get enough thanks for all that they do, for all that they give of themselves, and how well they brought out the best in us far beyond the baseball field.

And so, I will do whatever is asked of me for James Mosher Baseball. It is a little league that is not only the oldest of its kind in America, but one that builds solid citizens.

So many young men I grew up with did not make it. However, yesterday, we celebrated the tens of thousands who are, nonetheless, all a part of the James Mosher Family …. For Life!

SPECIAL THANKS to Maurice Tates for reminding me of the greatness of James Mosher Baseball.

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