The Glover Report: FOLLOW YOUR PASSION: The Blessings Will Follow

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – June 17, 2016) – It’s been told to me: “Doni, you sure do give away a lot of awards.” I do, and the joy I get from it is priceless. That takes me to one of my dad’s most memorable quotes; he’d invariably say to me from time to time, “Son, with a closed hand, nothing gets in and nothing gets out.” He’d continue, “With a closed hand, however, there are endless possibilities. The moral to the story is to help somebody.”

Something else he used to say to me: ‘Get out there and try. Somebody might see you and help you.’

His point was that if you never get out there and put your hat in the ring, you might never know what you can accomplish.

One other thing he’d say: “You can stay home and get a “D”.

To say the least, my father, the Late Donald Edward Glover, was an academician. He loved to read and loved to learn. Truth is, he made learning fun and challenging. He always kept me thinking.

Any way, the whole point of this piece is simply to say that when we find our purpose, there is an unspeakable joy that consumes a person. While others might look at pieces of one’s accomplishments and try and gauge the monetary value, the wise person might search for the peace.

Truth be told, I find great joy in the Black Wall Street movement that we are pushing through our black press outlet, I get to interact with lots of entrepreneurs as well as “movers and shakers.” Further, I get a chance to help capture a part of the history of so many people of color, in particular.

In short, I implore any and everybody to follow their passion, for it will lead one to their purpose. In working in one’s purpose, one cannot help but find peace. As Marianne Williamson reminds in her seminal poem, “Our Deepest Fear”, we all have a purpose. We all have gifts. It’s up to us to use them.

Lastly, I have consistently found my dad’s pearls of wisdom to be true. Mostly, I have learned that the more I am a blessing to others, the more likely I am to set myself up for a blessing of my own.

So, get out there and persevere; study your craft, and then pursue it with every fiber of your soul like there is no tomorrow! And if you keep God first, you can do anything but fail.