Black Wall Street ATL to Recognize Marni Ali Laun’Juel, 6.22.16, Paschal’s (7p)

marniBy Bmorenews Staff

(ATLANTA – June 16, 2016) –’s next business networking event, Black Wall Street ATL 2016, is set for next Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 7 pm at Paschal’s (180 Northside Dr SW #B, Atlanta, GA 30313). Honorees receiving the Joe Manns Black Wall Street Award include Marni Ali Laun’Juel.

Since 2011 in Washington, DC, and its partners have recognized hundreds of black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race in New York City, DC/Maryland/No. Va. (DMV), Atlanta and New Orleans. The goal is to encourage and rally support for black businesses nationwide.


Who is Marni?

Marni Ali Laun’Juel
Marni Ali, “Lady Marni”, is the hostess and founder of CHURCH IN THE RAW, an edgy and comfortable online radio broadcast started in 2013 that deals with issues confronting Kingdom people, which are not commonly discussed in the current church setting. Marni Ali, is also an R&B Christian recording artist and label owner of Diamond Laun’Juel Music, that gives praise to her Savior through her gift of strong soulful vocals. She has recently released her 5th single Crazy For Him, and is currently in the studio recording new music as well. Some of her other music single titles include: Made to Love You, Smile, Divorcing You, and Come as You Are. You can find her at

When you hear her sing, you cannot mistake the genuine heartfelt love for her craft, her calling, and who is the author of her musical gifts. Writing, singing and performing her songs have been a passion of hers’ since she was the tender age of six. Her childhood years were filled with attending formal dance and drama classes that would consume the young prodigy’s time.
As a young adult, the world has been captivated by her beauty, sincere inviting spirit, and genuine love for fellow souls which is heard, felt, and experienced in her lyrics, as well as seen in her actions. Marni has sown many seeds of generosity by providing shelter, clothing, and food for many family, friends, and strangers. She aspires one day to provide a missionary shelter for the homeless and displaced families. In spite of, but because of her rebellious years, the drug game, abusive marriages, the rape, the car accident that almost killed her and so much more, she still has a marvelous purposeful dream she is fulfilling.marni2

Originally a native of New Jersey, it was destiny that her talent would first be noticed by award winning producers Fred & Rodney Jerkins. She then signed to their production company Dark Child, and landed a record deal with Def Jam Records NY in 1996. Shortly after signing her record deal, she was then pleasantly surprised with the news that Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas from the Grammy Winning Group TLC, was her sister. Together they received an invitation to appear on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show in 1996, where Marni and Rozonda beautifully bonded as sisters. Later to Marni’s dismay 1997, the record deal with Def Jam Records through Dark Child Productions came to a surprising end. Confused and heartbroken over the loss, she began to question her purpose for living, until one day in 2001 she was invited to attend church. While in church, she was singly recognized and prophesized to by Bishop Robert Hargrove II, that God was going to use her to sing for HIM.

Marni was inspired and her purpose was reborn! From that day forward she then knew her voice was to be used to uplift the kingdom of heaven and to inspire souls to overcome diverse and seemingly overwhelming challenges and deep seated roots of pain that she herself had experienced and overcome. In 2006, Marni Ali heard a confirmed word from God to move to Atlanta Ga, where she currently resides. Her mission is for Reconciliation, Restoration, Healing, and Deliverance. Marni wants to spread the good news about salvation through Jesus the Christ by using her past and present testimony as an encouraging example to help people become free, as she herself has been set free, not only through song but by deeds and teaching. Her life is her ministry, her music is her praise and GOD her devotion!