Black Wall Street ATL 2016: Honorees Include Coach Cheryl Littlejohn, 6.22.16 at Paschal’s (7p)

coach littlejohn1By Bmorenews Staff

(ATLANTA – June 15, 2016) –’s next business networking event, Black Wall Street ATL 2016, is set for next Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 7 pm at Paschal’s (180 Northside Dr SW #B, Atlanta, GA 30313). Honorees receiving the Joe Manns Black Wall Street Award include Coach Cheryl Littlejohn. Since 2011 in Washington, DC, and its partners have recognized hundreds of black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race in New York City, DC/Maryland/No. Va. (DMV), Atlanta and New Orleans. The goal is to encourage and rally support for black businesses nationwide.


Who is Coach Cheryl Littlejohn?

Coach Cheryl Littlejohn is the founder of Executive Coaching Enterprises and is a well-known coach and business leader with over 10 years of experience in the educational field and over 13 years in coaching and motivational speaking. Prior to joining Executive Coaching Enterprises, Cheryl was responsible for implementing customized educational solutions for leading educational providers.

Her industry and coaching experience allows Cheryl to manage program operations for multiple solutions. Cheryl’s passion for children can be seen both on and off the court as she works to motivate, inspire and change outcomes for students. Her work ethic and drive for success were adopted early during her days with legendary Coach Pat Summitt.

Cheryl was a player on the Lady Vols National Championship team and a graduate of the University of Tennessee. This life changing experience has helped her to be resilient as a coach and rebound from set-backs.  Cheryl uses what she has learned to coach educators and students. Her motivational messages have been sought after all across the nation. As she touches the lives of children, she operates on the understanding that “Rebounding was the key to winning a championship 20 years ago it is still the key now to winning in life!

Executive Coaching Enterprises

Executive Coaching has earned a reputation for outstanding winning solutions that are tailored to the distinct needs of a school, organization, or corporation. They assist their current clients to score big and conquer seemingly overwhelming obstacles to learning achievement, or organizational team performance.

Where others have been unable to make progress, Executive Coaching raises the bar for success and has the skills and track record of over-delivering results in excellence.

We exist to inspire every student to actively pursue their learning with enthusiasm, to deposit a healthy attitude and view of their learning process, to ultimately become great and responsible citizens that are life-long meaningful learners.  We instill the building blocks of character necessary for a student to be receptive to learning. Thus, more capable of gaining the skills and knowledge to achieve success in school and in life.

Their multifaceted educational model works best because students are highly motivated and engaged in their learning. Without motivation, even the best curriculum or activity will be ineffective. Motivation and structure are the keys to an educator’s success. This is the Executive Coaching approach; of which they are experts.

Executive Coaching Enterprises utilizes a unique coaching style to engage, support and motivate students. We implement academic standards that are aligned to common core standards to measure the achievement of each student. We help students establish academic and personal goals that enhance problem-solving skills, self-expression and academic mastery.

Their innovative programs focus on increasing attendance, decreasing truancy, reducing bullying and changing attitudes. Their company has a commitment to student success and has partnered with numerous districts across the southeast with a focus on getting results and changing lives.

Executive Coaching Enterprises has created unique partnerships throughout communities in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and more to provide high quality academic interventions. Their methods and instructional materials engage, motivate and inspire. We work closely with district and school administrators, teachers and parents to provide effective programs designed to significantly impact student performance in the classroom and in life.

Executive Coaching Enterprises strives to create determined, passionate, enthusiastic, inspired, and motivated schools through a focus on five key strategies:

Academic Reinforcement
Character Education
Professional Development
Parent Empowerment