The Glover Report: It Is “Illegal” to Buy Votes





SEC. 6. If any person shall give, or offer to give, directly or indirectly, any bribe, present or reward, or any promise, or any security, for the payment or delivery of money, or any other thing, to induce any voter to refrain from casting his vote, or to prevent him in any way from voting, or to procure a vote for any candidate or person proposed, or voted for as the elector of President, and Vice President of the United States, or Representative in Congress or for any office of profit or trust, created by the Constitution or Laws of this State, or by the Ordinances, or Authority of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, the person giving, or offering to give and the person receiving the same, and any person who gives or causes to be given, an illegal vote, knowing it to be such, at any election to be hereafter held in this State, shall, on conviction in a Court of Law, in addition to the penalties now or hereafter to be imposed by law, be forever disqualified to hold any office of profit or trust, or to vote at any election thereafter. But the General Assembly may in its discretion remove the above penalty and all other penalties upon the vote seller so as to place the penalties for the purchase of votes on the vote buyer alone (originally Article I, sec. 3, thus renumbered by Chapter 681, Acts of 1977, ratified Nov. 7, 1978. As sec. 3, it was amended by Chapter 602, Acts of 1912, ratified Nov. 4, 1913).

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – June 3, 2016) – What do Martin “Lock ’em up” O’Malley, Stephanie “No money for recs” Rawlings-Blake and Catherine “Chicken Box” Pugh have in common? One thing they share is a common disregard for the masses of black people in Baltimore City. Truth be told, the people of Baltimore overwhelmingly want Sheila Dixon back in office. Even more, Catherine Pugh is probably hoping that the lawsuit filed by Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections (VOICE) late Thursday night would just go away because she knows, as do her handlers, that in an election – Sheila Dixon would mop the floor with her on any day of the week … and twice on Sunday.

I am no longer amazed at how the elite black leaders in Baltimore have elected to not say a word about the riot outside Pugh’s campaign office in Walbrook Junction.

Elijah Cummings, Kweisi  Mfume, Billy Murphy, nor Jamal Bryant – all of whom are called regularly by the media for their opinion – have been absolutely, unequivocally silent about the thousands of struggling black people who were tricked out of their vote with a chicken box, a bag of candy, a $100 payment, and the promise of a $12 an hour job.

As a matter of fact, the entire Democratic establishment in Maryland (including several African American delegates and state Senators) has also not said one single word publicly about how Pugh disgustingly put hundreds upon hundreds of relatively poor black people on buses to go and vote for her during the seven days of Early Voting.

I have no respect for these voter suppression tactics historically associated with white Republicans.

This time, such dastardly deeds were approved by elite black Democrats who we rarely see on the streets of Baltimore alone. To me, this is cowardice to the nth degree.

Years ago, Spike Lee came to town. He was at a downtown hotel and I got my first opportunity to meet my Morehouse brother. I asked him where his bodyguards were. He gave me a look I will never ever forget.

His point was that he was from Brooklyn, New York and didn’t need a bodyguard. My respect for him goes through the roof.

Here in Baltimore, however, too many black leaders are not in the streets, they are disconnected from the masses, and if they do show up, it is only for a brief moment.

If Baltimore is hurting so badly, and it is, then we need leaders who “get it.” Sheila Dixon is such a leader. I’ve seen that women go into the toughest neighborhoods and receive nothing but love and adoration from the people.

Too many of these so-called leaders lack this ability.

Brother Ellsworth Bey, the nationally-recognized ex-offender guru, always reminds us what Malcolm X said: “You can’t serve the people if you don’t love the people.”

No! Having love is not a requirement to run for office, but it should be. In reality, if this election is not done over, then we face another four years of contention and resentment. Like Jerry said in a video interview, if Pugh will pimp poor black people with a chicken box and cash just to get into office, only God knows what else she is capable of once she (possibly) is in office. If Pugh had some Baltimoreans on her team who love the people, then they should have corrected her by now. Apparently, such does not exist.

Our people deserve better than this utter disregard by Pugh and her henchmen. The worst part of it all to me is that, thus far, Pugh has not even gone back to Walbrook Junction to make amends to the hundreds – thousands who were usurped out of their vote for payment. Now, that’s truly ‘ghetto’ and very un-Democratic!