TGR: to Halt Travesty of Justice in Baltimore: Voter Suppression in Recent Primary Goes to Federal Court


Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon leads the legal fight for the Citizens of Baltimore in what is the worst election of recent times.

VOICE Legal Defense Fund is

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – June 3, 2016) – The members of Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections (VOICE) now has a GoFund me page. It is our goal to have a re-do of the Baltimore City Primary Election – this time with appropriate oversight. We believe it was poorly managed with several ill-equipped election judges, a reported 1,650 voting irregularities in Baltimore City alone (compared to 200 statewide, with Baltimore NOT being the largest jurisdiction), too many reports of people not being allowed to vote, and what many of us believe is a pay-for-vote scheme during Early Voting by one mayoral candidate. Additionally, there are serious questions surrounding the “chain of custody” across the board, particularly during Early Voting. Further, on Election Night, there were eight (8) missing thumb drives that were unaccounted for over the course of several hours raising “chain of custody” concerns.

Let me also add that considering that the Maryland Democratic Party controls the Baltimore City Board of Elections (BOE) – and its chief, Armstead Jones, and that it was heavily supportive of Catherine Pugh for Mayor (the presumed winner), we have many doubts as to how the BOE can actually be considered unbiased.

Better yet: How is Armstead Jones still employed as the boss of city elections when his board had more errors than the entire state combined? And why don’t we hear any politicians in Baltimore City concerned?

I am reminded that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. cautioned us about the “silence of our friends.” It speaks volumes. Not one elected official in the entire city has even thought to raise a question about Jones or how poorly this election was managed. If this is what being an elected official is all about – count me out!

I’ll tell you something else: For the Maryland State Board of Elections (SOE) to de-certify the Baltimore City Primary was unprecedented. This came about because VOICE made a valid argument that something was horrifically wrong with the entire election, including Early Voting. And the SOE agreed.

To me, the BOE and Jones are politically biased in favor of the establishment which includes a bullying cast of Democrats  – tainted with an heir of arrogance. Did Jones not come on television and say (before de-certification occurred) that everything was fine and he had no major concerns about the 2016 Primary?

He did, and it was proven to be untrue. It hurts my heart to have to write this because I personally love the man. He’s always been kind to me. However, the facts speak for themselves. There are so many issues and now, they cannot be swept under the rug. And so, VOICE has taken the case to court to see what a judge says.

Any financial help is greatly appreciated. Baltimore simply deserves better in the year 2016. We sure hope you agree. Thanks for your support!

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