TGR: CD Witherspoon Reports the Final Election Count: Baltimore City’s 1600 Provisional Ballot Problems vs. 200 Statewide

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – May 23, 2016) – Rev. C. D. Witherspoon reported to in the past hour that the voting results are now completed for the Baltimore City 2016 Primary Election. For the uninitiated, the voting results by the Baltimore City Board of Elections were de-certified on May 12th. The primary election took place on April 26th.

De-certification, something rarely heard of, occurred amidst a mountain of voting irregularities across the city. A group of election watchdogs, Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections (VOICE), publicly raised questions and the State Board of Elections ultimately stepped-in to investigate. Witherspoon is a member of VOICE and spent much of last week at 301 N. Franklintown Rd. monitoring the process with other politicos and local media.

According to Witherspoon,” The final numbers are out.” He added, “The number of provisional ballot problems is now close to 1600. The number of votes cast has jumped from the 794 reported Friday to 1188. Additionally, the number of provisional ballots that had been located, but not yet counted, increased.”

Witherspoon stated that while there were “200 provisional ballot problems in Maryland’s other 23 jurisdictions, Baltimore City alone had 1600.”

To say the least, something is terribly wrong when one jurisdiction has 800% more issues than all of the other jurisdictions in the state combined. Something is fundamentally irregular about these results.

At, this is terribly disconcerting considering the record voter turnout in Baltimore City in the Primary. Turnout was 44%.