Politics16: Sheila Dixon Says Ballot Counting Process is “Hidden, …. Behind Locked Doors”

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By Bmorenews Staff

(BALTIMORE – May 17, 2016) – As noted earlier today, representatives from political campaigns – along with the media – were only allowed to watch the counting of ballots at the Franklintown Rd. office of the Baltimore City Board of Elections for a brief time today.

Consequently, Sheila Dixon’s campaign filed an injunction to open-up the process to the public.

Late last week, the Maryland State Board of Elections de-certified the Baltimore Primary Election results after massive voting irregularities.

Sheila Dixon, who is in a close race with Catherine Pugh, said, “After decertifying the election results on Thursday afternoon, the City and State Boards of Election have kept their vote counting process hidden from public view and literally behind locked doors except for a 90 minute window this morning.”

She added, “This afternoon, I petitioned the court to allow the public to observe the actions of the Board of Elections because it’s critically important for Baltimore City voters to have faith in our election process through transparency and openness.   There is no reason for any part of the vote certification process to be kept hidden from the public.  It is my hope that the courts force the Boards of Election to allow the public to observe these proceedings immediately.”

As of 6 pm, the plaintiffs were still in court. The Honorable Judge Althea M. Handy of the Baltimore City Circuit Court was presiding.

UPDATE: Hassan Giordano of www.dmvdaily.com, who attended today’s proceedings, reported that Judge Handy concluded that the doors should be left open until the process is concluded.