Op/Ed: More People Are Asking State Prosecutor to Launch Investigation: Baltimore Primary Election Results Further Questioned by Kinji Scott

By Bmorenews Staff

(BALTIMORE – May 17, 2016) – Kinji Scott, a candidate who ran in the recent Baltimore Primary Election for Baltimore City Council, has followed the lead of Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections.

In a letter to the State Prosecutor today, Scott wrote:

Dear State Prosecutor Davitt and Investigator Cabezas,

As a candidate for City Council for Baltimore City Council 5th, I am requesting a full and thorough investigation into the citywide voting irregularities that occurred during the April 26, 2016 Baltimore Primary Election:

1.) Voters to be turned away from the polls and disallowed to vote;

2.) Voters to be given ballots that may have been tossed-out with approximately 2.800 other ballots the Baltimore Board Of Elections (BOE) identified as ‘unaffiliated’;

3.) Voters instructed to complete provisional ballots because someone had already voted in their name;

4.) Voters who walked away in frustration because of a disarray and they were told they could only vote at their assigned polls by way of provisional ballot;

5.) Campaign workers pulled-in from electioneering to work as poll workers inside the polls.

6.) By the State Board of Elections’ (SBE) own investigation, the number of  tallied votes outnumbered the number of people who signed into vote.

7.) Missing memory sticks

8.) 80 ballots found in a closet

9.) 2,800 ballots the BOE tossed because they had no party affiliation. I want to know if they checked those provisional ballots against the voters database to see if errors were made on those ballots like the ones that listed Democrats as Republicans and Independents.

10.) Also, what will become of those ballots that allowed county residents to vote in Baltimore’s Mayoral election – people who should have only been voting for Congressional District 7?

For the sake of the integrity of the process, I am asking that an investigation by your office be done beyond the de-certification, which should have already raised major concerns. This election is a major issue of historic proportions.

If the SBE has concerns resulting in something as monumental as de-certification of an election, I believe this definitely warrants action from the Office of the State Prosecutor.


Apostle Kinji Scott, M. A.