The Glover Report: Media, Politicos Asked to Leave BOE on Franklintown Rd. During Counting of Ballots Post-De-Certification


Martha McKenna, representing the Sheila Dixon Campaign, remains optimistic. The election was three weeks ago on April 26th. To say the least, this has been terribly interesting, especially the unprecedented de-certification of the Baltimore Primary Elections results which occurred late last week when Linda Lamone of the Maryland State Board of Elections stepped-in after massive reports of voter irregularities across the city.

By Doni Glover, Publisher


Armstead Jones (r) is the head man in charge at the Baltimore City Board of Elections.

(BALTIMORE – May 17, 2016) – Hey, I’m not a voting specialist nor a lawyer. However, if you are trying to re-instill confidence in your office, wouldn’t you allow in witnesses to observe the recounting of ballots – especially after having a bungled Baltimore Primary Election where eight thumb drives were missing, several polls opened late, wrong ballots were handed out in the 5th and 6th districts, there were reports of Baltimore County people being allowed to vote on Baltimore’s Mayor and City Council races, and there were more ballots than voters in some instances?

Well, that did not happen. I went by the Board of Elections field office at 301 N. Franklintown Rd. today around 12:15 pm – not far from Edmondson Village – to report on the status of the vote counting. Upon getting there, I see Fox News, the Baltimore Sun, and both Sheila Dixon and Catherine Pugh’s respective representatives leaving.

As I went to enter, Martha McKenna (campaign spokeswoman for Sheila Dixon) explained to me that politicos and the media, who were expected to be able to stay, were in fact asked to leave.

And if that is not interesting enough, here is another question: Are the same people who counted the ballots the first time doing the count again? That query came from one of our readers, Leslie Fleming. Fleming is one of many concerned citizens who are intensely watching this re-count as well as the election overall.

Stay-tuned to as we continue our ongoing coverage of the Baltimore Primary Election Post-De-Certification.