EDITORIAL: Channeling Our Water, Monies to Flint

joshua humbert16

Joshua Humbert, National Urban League

By Joshua Humbert

(NEW YORK – May 14, 2016) – I think back on a time when people challenged me to do the ALS ice bucket challenge. Folks would get upset when I would respectfully decline. ALS simply wasn’t my charity of choice.

If you have the courage to admit it, doesn’t it seem a bit silly that perfectly good drinking water was dumped on your heads when hundreds of thousands of people have always needed fresh drinking water here in the United States and abroad? The ALS challenge raised $115M in the US and a total of $220M globally.

Just know this: Flint doesn’t need another hashtag, just our conscious decision to send a donation to help families and children in need.

No hook or silly gimmick needed, just action.

Huge praise to the people who have already made it a point to send water and/or money. Flint has suffered from deeper social economic problems prior to lead water. Are we going to raise $220M? ‪#‎StayWoke‬

Joshua Humbert is the Vice President of Philanthropic Strategies & Major Gifts for the National Urban League.