Guest Editorial: Warrior Lawyer, J. Wyndal Gordon, Speaks on Baltimore Primary De-certification

By Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon

(BALTIMORE – May 13, 2016) – From my perspective, our fight was never about election results although I believe the Baltimore City Sitting Judges paid the highest price for the bungled City election primary. From the very beginning our fight has been about addressing fundamental flaws, irregularities, and preventing voter-fraud in the electoral process. It was also about ensuring that fail-safe measures are put in place for future elections to prevent recurrence.

Supporters from various campaigns put aside differences so that we could ban together as comrades to address the assault on City residents’ right to vote. Ultimately, one of the goals of Voters Organized for Integrity in City Elections (“VOICE”) is to restore confidence and ensure integrity in City elections.

Yesterday’s de-certification and investigation was not a peace treaty or a call for VOICE to cease the fire of activism; it was our opening salvo. We’re not done. The popular vote is under attack and we’ll need all our sentinels to get in formation.

I don’t expect the news to fully report on the true state of disrepair that has befallen the City election system. The voting revolution likely will not be televised, but you can rest assured that we will all be affected. Remember this, whether your favored candidate won or lost: The symptoms of our infected electoral process are continuing to fester.

If left untreated, it can cause even more destabilization, similar to what we witnessed during the Freddie Gray uprising. Dig it. We don’t want that. –The Warrior Lawyer, ‪#‎thewarriorlawyer‬, ‪#‎GetGordononthePhone‬, ‪#‎ShoottoLive‬