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Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon (striped tie) is assisting VOICE in their quest for justice for Baltimore City voters whose votes were not counted. Thus far, there are several instances recorded. Tonight will give a better look at just how poorly last week’s election was run.

Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections (VOICE) convenes tonight at Historic Sharon Baptist in Sandtown

(BALTIMORE – May 5, 2016) – BE A PART OF POTENTIAL LANDMARK CIVIL RIGHTS LAWSUIT: Take your rightful place in the history of this city, State and country. Help us gather facts to support our cause to ensure the right to vote remains inviolate, and explore issues of damages to voters who may have had their civil rights violated as a result of being disenfranchised by the policies and practices of the City Board of Elections. Ex-offenders who are registered to voter, or denied registration, are strongly encouraged to attend.

Meet us at 7 pm tonight at Sharon Baptist Church, 1373 North Stricker (and Presstman) Street, Baltimore, MD for a Town Hall meeting to make a record of your voting experiences during Baltimore’s Election Primary. This fight is NOT about who won or lost the primaries, it is NOT about Dixon v. Pugh, we love them both, so don’t allow the narrative to be co-opted (as it has in the media) to conform with personal/commercial agendas. This fight is exclusively about the VOTERS no matter what spin is placed upon the motive of concerned people of good-will with pure hearts. The Defendant is the City Board of Elections.

Likewise, the Town Hall meeting tonight will be about preserving the integrity in City elections, preventing voter disenfranchisement, and fortifying the right to vote. Period. Again, special thanks goes out to Hassan Giordano, Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections (V.O.I.C.E.), Donald Morton Glover, Cortly D Witherspoon, Christopher Ervin, and the rest of our comrades in the battle to protect voting rights.

For more information, V. O.I.C.E contact numbers are: (443) 473-6401 or (410) 500-2168.

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