Baltimore Primary Voting Suppression Ads Icing to Freddie Gray Anniversary: TOWN HALL Tonight at Sharon Baptist, 7 pm

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By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – May 5, 2016) – Voting is supposed to be sacred. Therefore, with a race as close as 2,700 votes, sure Sheila Dixon has a right to be concerned. So too do those who voted for her deserve to know that their vote counted. At present, too many questions remain.

Yes, there have always been those who will try and steal elections. Truth is, Sheila Dixon probably knew this election would be stolen, and done so during Early Voting because you have no way of knowing who is watching the machines. Any hanky panky would thrive in an unmonitored scenario.

That’s where the stark difference is: During Early Voting, Catherine Pugh’s numbers seemed on steroids. It could possibly have a lot to do with the reports of essentially hiring people for no other reason than to vote. This Early Voting fiasco, for those who missed it, culminated on Election Day as several dozen people showed up expecting work for $100. Some got $50, but only after the news media pressed the question and only after Pugh vans were vandalized.

This right here should have sounded the alarm that the voting process we all respect is being compromised. You cannot hire people to vote. It’s as cruddy as cruddy gets.

Not one black leader anywhere said anything about this abuse of Baltimore’s struggling black community, many of whom struggle with addiction in some way. Honestly, as a voting advocate for the last 23 years or so, I am utterly disgusted that this vile and disrespectful conning of poor black people is tolerated and apparently acceptable by the leaders of Maryland’s Democratic Party.

Somebody please tell me again why I’m a registered Democrat?

I mean, typically, many black people were raised to see the Republican Party as a bunch of devils. However, when one peers the landscape of North Avenue from Hilton to Milton, all that comes to mind is that this is a 9-to1 Democratic city and that the only leaders deserving of the blame are Democrats. So, let me just put it out there: This Republicans have reason to worry. If the machine in fact stole this from Sheila Dixon, they will easily do the same to a Republican.

An aside: Our black Democratic leaders, the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, recently verbally attacked the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, and called him a racist because he could not meet with them. His sister was dying at the time.

This is what our fine black leaders do in Annapolis: Attack the Republican although his sister was gravely ill, but in reference to the white male dominated Democratic Party – this same Black Caucus has yet to confront Sen. Mike Miller, Delegate Mike Busch or Rep. Steny Hoyer in the same fashion. Now, I don’t know about you, but to me it seems like cowardice to me, and ill-advised cowardice at that.

Speaking of Democrats and Republicans, I imagine Gov. Larry Hogan is taking a particular interest in how tonight’s Town Hall Meeting at Sharon Baptist Church (1373 N. Stricker Street in Sandtown @7 pm) will go. After all, he will face this Democratic establishment in 2018. By the looks of it, a certain Baltimore County Executive is putting in his bid for the state’s top post. No doubt, the Democrats have finally circled the wagons.

The aim tonight is to document voting irregularities and acts of voter suppression. We have heard several complaints whereby people were not allowed to vote, including an alleged letter to ex-offenders telling them that they were ineligible. This is odd as ex-offenders were heavily recruited and encouraged to vote in this election as a result of new legislation touted by our elected officials.

Again, it is shameful that not one black leader has said a word. You see, typically voter suppression happens in the Republican realm. However, this seems to be voter suppression …. by black people. If that in fact is the case, I am confident that the heroes and sheroes who paved the way for our freedom are rolling over in their graves.

Here’s a question for any candidates out there who may have questions regarding the final count.

#1 – As a candidate, how do you protect your votes on Election Day? Short answer, there is a lot of transparency, you can monitor the machines, and you get your votes at the end of Election Day.

#2 – As a candidate, how do you protect your votes from the week of Early Voting? Secondly, why do you have to wait until Election Day to know your exact numbers in the year 2016?

These and other questions will be addressed tonight as community people and politicians alike will join us for a much-needed Town Hall, especially in light of the one-year anniversary of the Freddie Gray Revolt.

Kinda makes you think that the people in Baltimore have very little reason to believe in the government and that few should now question how or why the first riots in 47 years occurred. One minute, the pundits say that black people do not vote. And then, there is a record turn-out – no doubt fueled by the riots that broke out Election Day, not to mention the hiring of people to vote in Walbrook Junction. Yet, there are countless reports of people who were giving the wrong ballot from the neighboring district, people who were not on the rolls at polling locations where they have voted for years, people who had to vote provisionally, and a host of other issues.

In short, something ain’t right in Baltimore! Smells like an alley behind a crab house.

See you tonight! Oh, and by the way, this effort was a collaboration of local activists, Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections (VOICE). Hassan Giordano, Rev. C.D. Witherspoon, “Warrior Lawyer” J. Wyndal Gordon, Esq. and yours truly are a part of it.