TGR: Special KUDOS to the Baltimore Activists: Something Is Fundamentally Wrong in Baltimore’s Primary Election

doni glover boe

VOTERS ORGANIZED FOR THE INTEGRITY OF CITY ELECTIONS (VOICE): I pray that our youth, our seniors, and our ex-offenders will one day taste the fruits of true democracy in Baltimore – although this recent political display was pure mockery and disrespectful of a system that so many people of all races fought and died to preserve. God have mercy on our souls.

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – May 4, 2016) – A word of thanks to Hassan Giordano of, Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon, and Rev. C.D. Witherspoon of the Baltimore Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for showing up yesterday at the Baltimore City Board of Elections to show our collective disapproval of the most discombobulated Baltimore election many of us have ever seen. From 15 polling locations opened late to voters who were turned away to hundreds of West Baltimore residents who were paid with chicken boxes and cash to vote, this was the most disrespectful election of my lifetime.

How can one actually believe that true change is possible when a political stickup can happen in broad daylight and nobody says a word? The short of it: I don’t know!

Kudos also to G. I. Johnson (former Baltimore NAACP President), Tessa Hill-Aston (President of Baltimore NAACP), Duane “Shorty” Davis, radio host Pam Massey, Ertha Harris, Christopher Ervin, Kinji Scott, Betsy Gardner and every other person who joined us as we officially expressed our disdain, outrage and concern in an election where an uncounted number of votes were not included, where people were told they were in the wrong voting location, and yet others were told their names could not be located on the roll at all. To say the least, the mass use of provisional ballots leads many Baltimoreans to lose trust in a system that Americans tout around the world as … free and just.

Got news for you: ‘Freedom ain’t free.’ Even more as Frederick Douglass stated, “Power concedes nothing without a demand: It never has and it never will.”

We are extremely disappointed at the Baltimore City Board of Elections, headed by Armstead Jones, which seemingly lacks mastery of the current political environment, marred by questions of political favors and all of the trappings of a Democratic establishment stronghold.

In my best estimation, once again has the State of Maryland demonstrated that the white male-headed party is not much different than perceived reputation of the Republican Party. Once again, it appears that although Baltimore is but 45 minutes from the nation’s capital where a black family resides in the White House, Maryland is still not ready for unapologetically black leaders at the helm. Sure, you can be black on the surface. However, the repeated political disenfranchisement of African Americans on all levels is insanely repetitive, election after election – year after year – as the Democratic Party elite that is far removed from the reality at Penn-North continues in the blindest of fashions to purpot the ideals and principles of a fair society.

One visit to Penn-North and one knows that something is fundamentally wrong, that the distribution of resources is uneven, and that the political intent of its leaders is not to heal the people, but to further disconnect the masses of struggling blacks from a system that only engages them once every four years at best.

To God be the glory for the examples of truly honorable Marylanders like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass and may their spirits warm the souls of any certified freedom fighters who might exist today.