The Glover Report: All Eyes on the Baltimore City Board of Elections: Mass Voting Irregularities Have to Make Hogan Pause as 2018 Statewide Election Approaches

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Is the Democratic machine fighting by any means necessary, including vote tampering? If they will try and do it to Sheila, a Democrat who is not popular with the establishment, then they will certainly try it on Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, in 2018.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 30, 2016) – Something isn’t right at the Baltimore City Board of Elections (BOE) located at 417 E. Fayette Street. Many people have many questions over Tuesday’s Primary Election results – along with the Early Voting results. The situation, quite frankly, wreaks of mass voting irregularities throughout the City of Baltimore. Yet, nobody has said a word.

There are people who had to vote provisionally because their names were not on the roll – even though they have been voting in the same place for years. There was at least one instance where a person served as an election judge without formal training. There are people who were told they could not vote and there were polls that opened up late. And then, there is the question of the 8 missing thumb drives that mysteriously showed up the next day at the BOE. Only God knows where they were, and more importantly, who had access to them.

On a street level, ‘the fix’ is apparently on and poppin’.

On many occasions, I have written about political machines and how they operate; in short, they control the flow money, including jobs, a lot of times. If you do not know, Maryland is run by Democrats, 2-to-1. In Baltimore City, Democrats rule 9-to-1. That means that everything that moves, shakes, bubbles or otherwise operates is controlled by primarily by Democrats. This includes the election process and the Baltimore City Board of Elections.

Hence, there is no one to check the checker.

Readers of this column should also recall several references to the Democratic establishment elite over the past several weeks. And yes, this includes African American elected officials. These are folks who probably mean well, but they have not matched the level of fighting for black people as did Parren J. Mitchell, Clarence Mitchell III and Ruth Kirk. These elite black people of today would never go hard in the paint for black folks like Arnold Jolivet – let alone Robert Lee “Bob” Clay.

Men like Jolivet and Clay had no problem, for instance, calling out people like Martin O’Malley and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for their utter disregard for black businesses. Quite often, these men and others recorded victories – time after time – where the system at first said “no”, but ultimately had to say “yes” to them. People like Jolivet and Clay fought often alone as there were and are few blacks who have the independence and the courage to survive without the Democratic establishment’s support and/or blessings. That is why after ten years, Bob Clay supporters are still demanding answers to what was called a suicide. Those of us who knew Clay knew it was an assassination.

Truth be told, many blacks in leadership positions are married to their mortgage and cannot afford to be suddenly unemployed. So, they go along to get along. When they have the opportunity to speak up, they instead fall back so as to not draw attention to the themselves. Consequently, North Avenue and Patterson Park continues to look the same way it did 50 years ago. And just like this election and the swirling chicanery involving mass voting irregularities, nobody says a frickin’ word. Our black leaders have put their heads in the sand and pray so very hard that this issue would just go away.

Bottom line: The Baltimore Board of Elections has a lot questions to answer. The numbers are not adding up, literally and figuratively. And, if the numbers are not adding up – and the Democratic establishment is in charge – then, quite possibly, there could be vote tampering involved.

With 8 missing thumb drives already in question, candidates like Betsy Gardner in the 5th district and Kelly Cross in the 12th have to wonder about the true results in Tuesday’s election.

Did these candidates actually win? Was the election stolen from them? Is the Democratic machine involved? Are they responsible?

On stage Tuesday night with Catherine Pugh were her key supporters. If you missed it, I’ll simply say it was the Baltimore Democratic establishment that is already gearing up to quite likely support a Kevin Kamenetz gubernatorial bid in 2018.

With Gov. Larry Hogan clearly as the target, and considering that this current election has a ton of questions about the voting process – I would think the Hogan administration would want to nip this foolishness in the bud.

If the Democratic machine put the whammy on Sheila Dixon and others by stealing this election, then they clearly will have no problem doing the same to Hogan, the second Republican governor in 12 years. Prior to Robert Ehrlich winning the State House in 2002, the last time a Republican ran Annapolis was 36 years ago.

To say the least, the Democrats want their State House back and – by the looks of it – have no problem stealing it back.