TGR: Bmorenews Exclusive Interview with Sheila Dixon: “It’s Not Over!” :: Former mayor said people should be concerned about this vote buying

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Sheila Dixon will be interviewed on WEAA 88.9 FM by Farajii Muhammad at 7 pm tonight.

Board of Elections promises full results, according to Dixon, by Wednesday

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 29, 2016) – had an exclusive interview with Sheila Dixon just minutes ago. I am pleased and proud to announce that she is very much in good spirits and continues to be the gladiator we know her to be.

“I’m not giving up the fight until I see the entire vote count per precinct,” said Dixon. She said that the provisional ballots and absentee ballots are supposed to be complete by Wednesday.

When asked about the “chicken box-gate” scandal where would-be workers were paid for their votes, Dixon said, “That’s what people should be talking about at this point.” She added that the citizens cannot “let them get away with the buying of votes.”

Dixon said that as it relates to provisional ballots in particular, there are serious questions. She said that her sister, Janice, had to vote using provisional ballots because apparently another “Janice Dixon” had already signed their name on a ballot.

She said that there are three Janice Dixon’s in the system.

Further, that is not the only provisional ballot question to surface from Election Day. A reader contacted us and said that they had to use provisional for the first time in their life.

To say the least, all eyes are on the Baltimore Board of Elections. Some very serious questions are still out there. With a 2018 gubernatorial election just months away, Gov. Larry Hogan is probably paying close attention.

Speaking of Hogan, I bet if he or Sheila had paid people for their votes, that news would have been all over the internet. Again, I am personally very suspicious of local media; they report what they want to report.

Catherine Pugh, Dixon’s top opponent, did very well during Early Voting. That is where she brought busloads of voters to the polls. Since then, the “chicken-box gate” scandal has been the talk of the town.

“It’s not over,” said Dixon. She said that she didn’t imagine this many tricks.

“The devil is busy,” she stated. She is particularly proud of her effort in this election because Pugh’s victory was not definitive. Further, she is proud of Baltimoreans who came out overwhelmingly in her favor on Election Day where she resoundingly topped Pugh.