#politicssixteen: ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Baltimore Mayoral Election Update: 8 Missing Precincts Reported Today: Dixon Lawyer Asks Where Were Machines Last Night?

bob deshields

Attorney Bob DeShields, representing Sheila Dixon, has “Chain of Custody” concerns regarding 8 missing machines in yesterday’s Primary Election. Picture was taken last week when DeShields raised concerns over Pugh employees being offered a job and a chicken box possibly in exchange for their vote. This came to the forefront yesterday at Pugh’s Walbrook Junction office as Pugh employees rioted after learning they would not be getting a $12/hour job.

By Bmorenews Staff

(BALTIMORE – April 27, 2016) – While details are sketchy, what we know is that the voting results from 8 (eight) Baltimore City precincts were not reported as of last night. Today, there are many questions swirling as to what actually happened.

I mean, for Pete’s sake: this is 2016! One would think that we have our American voting system down to a science. Yet, questions remain.

So, everybody has the ability to go to the Maryland Board of Elections website for voting results. As of late last night, some 97% of the polls had reported their results. According to Attorney Robert DeShields, a representative for the Sheila Dixon campaign, “Where were these machines?”

DeShields, a noted Baltimore lawyer, has a ton of questions for election officials, such as: Were the machines guarded? Why were their numbers not reported last night? What company guarded the machines, if any? Where were the machines?

These are just cursory questions that any voter should have. DeShields called this a “chain of custody” issue. He also is looking forward to the counting of provisional ballots.

For DeShields, these are “significant questions” that need and deserve a response.

While Catherine Pugh has declared herself the winner in the Baltimore City mayoral primary, Dixon has not officially conceded. Those who know her also know that she is a courageous fighter and will not let this issue go without addressing it. After all, this is about a race with a difference of approximately 2,700 votes.

The numbers:
Sheila Dixon Democratic Early Voting 9,445 Election Day 33,618 TOTAL: 43,063 34.6%
Catherine E. Pugh Democratic Early Voting 13,047 Election Day 32,658 TOTAL: 45,705 36.8%

Bmorenews will be at the Baltimore City Board of Elections tomorrow morning as officials count absentee ballots. Voters have every right to be present so that the citizens can get to the bottom of this and to ensure that this has been a fair process.

Interestingly, the Maryland State Board of Elections is controlled by the Maryland legislature, headed by Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller. Miller is a Pugh supporter. Prior to recent changes after Gov. Robert Ehrlich left office, the governor actually had say in how such matters were handled, but not any more.