TGR: A Glover Family Election Eve Tradition: We Take Voting Seriously Around Here! #sheiladixonformayor

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A Glover Father and Son Tradition: VOTE!

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 25, 2016) – My dad (Donald Edward “Doc” Glover), God rest his soul, was very, very heavy on elections. I remember he had his car painted with “GOTV (Get Out The Vote)” literature one year; he had his house draped in “Bundley” signs another time. Today, in a unique way, that tradition has been passed on to Asaan (and N’yinde).

PLEASE engage your family members. Have an opinion, whether you agree or not; but at least have the discussion. The mayor’s race should be a serious discussion in every household in Baltimore. Voting should be a given. I won’t go into my guilt trip about the ancestors and how they sacrificed right now. However, voting should be automatic – without question. Truth be told, there is no excuse for not voting. Had a mean argument with a friend last week; let me say I do not accept excuses for not voting well at all. I do not want to hear anything of the like at all. And I will say something about it! So, please – get out there and vote; help an elder to the poll; call a friend and remind them.

The only thing I want is for people to exercise their right to vote. It’s a tradition. Even more, Baltimore has ALWAYS been big on elections. Baltimore also has always been a significant leader when it comes to Black Empowerment. It is nothing new and goes back to the 1700s in East Baltimore. Just Vote! ‪#‎vote‬ #vote #vote ‪#‎baltimore‬ ‪#‎freddiegray‬ ‪#‎sandtownpride‬ ‪#‎bmorenews‬