Guest Editorial: Sheila Dixon will be a great mayor again!

sheila dixon baltimore wants their mayor backBy Ralph E. Moore, Jr.
Charles Village, Baltimore

(BALTIMORE – April 21, 2016) – When I met Sheila Dixon back in the early Eighties, she was running a food coop for Bethel AME Church in West Baltimore. I was very impressed with her professionalism, care and concern for those in need.

Later, I urged the board and of the Maryland Food Committee (MFC) to bring her on its board to join us in our fight to feed the hungry.

Once Sheila came on the board, she took over as chair of MFC’s funding committee reviewing requests for funding from soup kitchens and food pantries. She replaced me as chair.

At that time I was running a wooden toy manufacturing shop for teenage high school dropouts on the grounds of a Presbyterian church in northeast Baltimore. The young persons in the job training program didn’t eat breakfast and didn’t bring lunch to our all day training sessions. I decided we needed to feed them and contacted Sheila.

It was unusual for the Food Committee to fund any operations other than soup kitchens and food pantries at that time but Dixon agreed to provide funds so that I could purchase breakfast and lunch items for the youth. She and I agreed we should feed hungry persons wherever they were.

I know Sheila Dixon to be a smart, caring, focused and creative person. She was back then and she is now. I think she will make a great mayor again.