TGR: Team Dixon Supporter Attorney Bob DeShields Calls Out Pugh Campaign for Paying People $100 for Their Vote


Noted Baltimore Attorney Bob DeShields, Esquire looks on as former Pugh campaign worker tells how she was paid to vote for Pugh. DeShields questions the legality of such tactics at a press conference today at the University of MD Early Voting Center.

(BALTIMORE – April 18, 2016) – If the Baltimore City Mayoral Election all boils down to the credibility of Attorney Billy Murphy or Attorney Robert DeShields, then I’m clearly going with “Bob” DeShields. His rep is pristine.

Sure, Murphy comes from a well-known family. Sure, he got some millions for the Freddie Gray family and has both a law degree and an engineering degree. And that’s pretty impressive.

However, politically-speaking, Murphy’s political acumen is not always on-point as noted by his support not long ago of losing gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown. It was painfully obvious that Lt. Gov. Brown knew very little about African Americans in Maryland and terribly struggled to connect with the masses in his calamitous loss at the hands of Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford. Murphy, immediately following the Brown blowout, held a $6,000 per plate fundraiser for the new governor.

DeShields, who one rarely catches in the media on the other hand, has a solid reputation in both the streets and the suites. Truth is, Sheila Dixon has one of the brightest legal minds in America supporting her. Even more, DeShields is the one black attorney in Baltimore who is more than capable of spanking Murphy for breakfast. Where the mere mention of Murphy’s name makes most attorneys tremble, not DeShields. He is in the least bit intimidated by Murphy.

In any event, DeShields was present today as Team Sheila Dixon called attention to the campaign antics of Catherine Pugh. According to reports, the Pugh campaign is paying people to vote specifically for Pugh. Here, these people thought they were going to get an honest days work. Instead, they were stuck up for their vote.

Today’s press conference by Dixon supporters supports claims heard last week in Edmondson Village where Pugh poll workers reportedly got off the bus and proclaimed they were voting for Dixon. Team Dixon couldn’t believe it.

Honestly, this is one of the most sickening stories I have ever had to cover. As a voting advocate who has worked for many years to encourage black people to get involved in the political process and vote, I am utterly stunned that Pugh, who is the machine candidate, is so desperate that she has to stoop this low. There are no words to describe my true sentiments about this.

Pugh’s campaign is attempting to treat struggling black people like dirt. These people went to this campaign job as an employment opportunity. What they found instead was a political cesspool that is endorsed by the likes of “machine” politician Rep. Elijah Cummings.

This is not right. I am so glad that Dixon’s team has responded and resoundingly so. Bob DeShields has an impeccable reputation in this town. Even more, he is a man who is staunch in his convictions.

Shame on Pugh! And shame on those who do not denounce this type of chicanery. It is disrespectful, and it may even be illegal. If it is, I am quite sure that DeShields is the last one Pugh wants to face in court – with or without Billy.