TGR: Predicts Wins by Edwards for Senate, Dixon for Mayor

sheila dixon donna edwardsThe black female vote is key!

(BALTIMORE – April 16, 2016) – Based on exit interviews conducted by, both Donna Edwards and Sheila Dixon are getting incredible traction in this primary election. Early voting lasts until April 21st (10am to 8 pm); Election Day is April 26th.

While political pundits previously suggested there would be a poor turnout, Bmorenews stated days ago that this would be a record voter turnout.

Black women in Prince George’s County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City – as we’ve stated before – control this election and can sway it either way. We have found that many black women feel like the Democratic establishment in Maryland are once again up to its old tricks and have attempted to push politicians who lack a track record serving African Americans.

Further, when people hear about the dirty campaign tricks currently in play, as attributed to the Pugh campaign by The Sun,  they are even more angered. Baltimoreans tend to prefer a fair fight.

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