TGR: GOING BACKWARDS: Pugh Lies to 7,000 Baltimoreans: Says She Founded First African American Newspaper in Baltimore: Talk about going “backwards!”

pugh lie

When I first received this via facebook, I thought it was a prank. Then, I learned it was true. It is mind-boggling that Pugh, supposedly a media professional, would do such a thing. Also, I recently read a piece of her literature that stated she has “unquestionable integrity.” Really? – Doni Morton Glover

Afro Newspaper was founded in the basement of Sharon Baptist Church in 1892 … long before Pugh was even born

(BALTIMORE – April 13, 2016) – Sheila Dixon mandated to her team from the very beginning of this campaign to keep it clean. And that we did, even though the establishment politicians, including Rep. Elijah Cummings, have all fallen in line to support Catherine Pugh.

After running a miserable campaign, it appears Nick Mosby has followed suit as well and has decided to endorse Pugh. This is typical behavior, I’ve explained, of how machine politics work. Pugh, Mosby, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Martin O’Malley, and Senator Mike Miller all belong to the establishment.

I have consistently reiterated that this is a race between the establishment and the anti-establishment. Sheila Dixon is in the latter category.

The establishment politicians, for the sake of clarity, are the ones responsible for the first riot in this city in 47 years. To date, not one of the establishment politicians have taken credit … or responsibility for the Freddie Gray Uprising even though it happened on their watch.

Truth be told, any mention of Freddie Gray sends shrills up their spines. They hope that people will forget it ever happened. However, that’s quite unlikely.

In any event, Team Dixon has been waiting on a slip so as to capitalize.

And, like clockwork, it happened! It seems that Catherine Elizabeth Crump Pugh went overboard in her self-aggrandizing and told 7,000 Baltimore voters via a flier that she, in fact, founded the first African American newspaper in Baltimore. (Now, you know this got my antenna up considering I am one of the biggest fans of the black press, its abolitionist history, and its sacred contributions over the centuries).

Interestingly, Cathy Pugh keeps talking about not going backwards. Yet, her words and her actions are not in sync. Personally, I would think that her teammate, Anthony McCarthy, would have caught this error. McCarthy was the youngest editor ever of the Afro and I am a million percent confident he knows better. I guess that not everything is as it seems.

So, here’s the score on “going backwards.” Pugh, for the record, is failing horribly in the PR realm despite those who would suggest she is winning. Truth is, Baltimoreans do know a lie when they hear one.

Fact: Having the first riot in 47 years kick-off in Pugh’s senatorial district and Mosby’s councilmanic district is … going backwards. She didn’t even know it was her district until another elected official informed her.

Fact: In 1989, Pugh’s top supporter, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, called Baltimore City every awful name under the sun except a child of God. His comments preclude him from ever being Governor because as Baltimore goes, so goes the rest of the state.

For a politician who has been associated with several dirty tactics against former Mayor Sheila Dixon, including tearing down Sheila’s signs, Pugh clearly has issues of her own.

It will be interesting to see if the Afro Newspaper endorses Pugh. After such a blatant lie, this is surely a test of character.

How can I endorse you when you say you did what the world knows is not true? The Afro was founded in the basement of Sharon Baptist Church in 1892. Now, that’s really going backwards! #sheiladixonwinsby10 #sheiladixonformayor