The Glover Report: The Next Uprising: MD Dems Throw Kitchen Sink at Sheila Dixon, … but she keeps coming!

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Baltimore City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke and Lalit Ghadia, an Original member of the Goon Squad, with Sheila Dixon at Waverly. Many people long for the Goon Squad today; they would be against multiple black candidates in the race.

O’Malley, Miller, Clean Slate’s Alex Sanchez, SRB, Pugh vs. Sheila Dixon

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 7, 2016) – If you keep seeing a commercial with a lie, it could eventually become the truth. How? Why? Perception! Perception is everything! And so, that’s what’s prompted this column.

You see, while 40th district state Senator Catherine Elizabeth Crump Pugh continuously talks about not going backwards, her actions suggest otherwise. Common sense suggests that she may want to take a closer look at the historical record so as to fall more in sync with those of us – black, white, Asian, African and Latino – who know better than to believe the magic show Cathy Pugh is attempting to peddle us.

Hence, amidst the political lies she’s spewing, here’s a little truth to illuminate her … untruths.

Number one: Not sure what part of Philadelphia Pugh is from, but here in Baltimore, having the first riots in forty-seven years is nothing but going backwards. Period. Even more, this happened straight out of Pugh’s 40th district.

Another fact: Pugh had no idea that the riots were happening in her district. (Say, what?!)

And a third fact: Hardly anything has changed in Sandtown post-Freddie Gray. Monies collected by the United Way during the uprising a year ago are not accounted for. Minus a couple of bones thrown into this 72-square block community I call home, including plans to renovate Western District Police Station by Kevin Plank, the residents of Sandtown are still waiting: Just like when Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake closed Gilmor Homes’ swimming pool in the worst heatwave in decades in August 2011; just like when this same mayor spent $10 million on a Grand Prix that died after 2 years; just like when she could not find a mere $600,ooo to keep the recs open. We’re clear that if anything is going to happen in Sandtown, we’d better get Sheila in there as Mayor. Otherwise, Sandtown is done!

A riot would have never happened on Sheila’s watch and the entire city knows it. Truth be told, Sheila is the only mayoral candidate who can stop a riot before it happens.

This might help explain why Delegate Antonio Hayes, who represents that same 40th state legislative district as Senator Pugh, decided to not support Pugh and instead show his undying loyalty, love and support for Sheila Dixon.

This move sent a strong message throughout the State of Maryland that quite possibly, Pugh isn’t yet the quintessential political champion she paints herself to be. After all, much of her support comes from everywhere but Baltimore, according to financial records. To the contrary, 80% of Dixon’s money comes from hard-working Baltimore citizens who know this Democratic machine did her dirty. They did her wrong and many of us know it!

On Monday, Hayes officially endorsed his longtime mentor, Sheila Dixon, for Mayor of Baltimore. It brought tears to my eyes to see it because for me, it is a reminder of what truly makes Baltimore great.

Hayes, who had to jet out before the press conference was over to hightail it to Annapolis, was more visible in the community during the Freddie Gray Uprising than most any other elected politician. Because of him, for example, Sandtown-Winchester UNITED was able to help get a monthly food pantry started at Penn-North Community Resource Center on North Carey Street just inside the borders of Sandtown by way of the Maryland Food Bank. I am proud to say that thousands have been served over the past year and we are eternally grateful to all who made it happen, including Tyrell Moyd at Penn-North and Brandi Hunter at the Maryland Food Bank.

In a very heart-warming announcement at Dixon’s campaign headquarters on North Charles Street, Hayes talked about how former Mayor Dixon was a true friend to him in his time of need. I find that to be very special. In my book, friendship and loyalty are everything.

Another fact about how Senator Pugh is literally going backwards: Her key supporter in Annapolis, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, is no fan of Baltimore. I’m hardly convinced that he is the best-qualified person to make any kind of political recommendations to us Baltimoreans. Again, Senator Pugh chooses to ignore the obvious and act like it didn’t happen.

The year was 1989. That November, Miller forgot the camera was rolling and blurted out what he really feels about Charm City: He called Baltimore a ghetto (Baltimore Sun, ”Nothing worse than this”).

We are reminded of his dastardly comment made years ago about our hometown, one that has stymied him from ever running for Governor; the press would eat him alive.

So why, I ask, would Senator Pugh continuously try to deceive us?

Her obscure embellishment of the facts simply do not add up. While she has tried to do her little smoke and mirrors job on the people, the truth is that she has failed us. She has taken credit for everything good in Baltimore, but like SRB, has yet to take any responsibility for the Freddie Gray unrest.

Not only did the first riots in half a century spark international media attention in her district without her having any idea it was in fact in her jurisdiction, she also has the audacity to add insult to injury by bringing Mike Miller to Baltimore, even though he thinks this is the lowest place on earth.

And let’s not forget, Pugh ran for Mayor 5 years ago on a humble … and on the backs of the voters of the same 40th district. Seems a bit self-serving to me.

I mean, do you want to be in the state Senate or not? ‘Cause there are others who would love to be a state Senator and would focus solely on the job at hand and not on the next promotion.

I call this the O’Malley Syndrome, the utter desire for a promotion at any cost and by any means necessary even though one has not mastered the task at hand. Nick Mosby has it. Pugh has it. O’Malley clearly has it.

Meanwhile, Baltimore and its people suffer because of these incredible egos who show little if any love for us, the citizenry.

We are tired of out-of-towners who have no respect for Baltimore trying to speak for us.

It’s insulting. Pugh and her dear political boss friend, Mike Miller, represent the selfishness in the Maryland Democratic Party that is all about maintaining the status quo including parts of North Avenue that have not been touched in my 50 years of living.

Miller has been in politics since 1971. Given that he has a very low regard for Baltimore, I think he is directly responsible for the lack of development in the black community. He has been large and in charge in Annapolis much of the past five decades. I believe that if he truly cared about Baltimore, he would have used his influence by now to give North Avenue a facelift a long time ago. But, he hasn’t. Instead, he specializes in intimidating our black legislators – just like O’Malley did.

As a matter of fact, it was Gov. Bob Ehrlich, a Republican, who was the first governor to put any significant attention on North Avenue in my lifetime – thanks to people like former state Senator Clarence Mitchell, IV. Although Mitchell’s support of Ehrlich cost him his political career, his sacrifice helped Coppin State University finally get tens of millions of dollars it was owed from long ago.

Baltimore is a 9-to-1 Democratic town and it is high-time the Maryland Democratic Party show my community more respect. Unless we do what the party says, then we are dubbed trouble makers. The next thing you know, you’ve got a political bullseye on your back. That’s what happened to Sheila Dixon, no matter what story Jayne Miller tries to tell.

I say it is the Maryland Democratic Party that has failed black people continuously – in part – because black people do not hold these elected officials accountable. We give them a pass even though our communities have not changed in years. The other part of the blame is the failed leadership that we keep sending to Annapolis that has yet to master leveraging their power on behalf of us, the people. And then, there is a significant portion of blame on the Baltimore media; because it is innately racist, it will never tell the truth – such as how the Maryland Democratic Party continuously fails a group that comprises 30% of the state’s population: black people.

Speaking of, during the last election, Pugh was all about mentioning black people. If you notice, she barely even mentions black folks’ causes in her rhetoric; that’s because she is playing to her out-of-town base that has sent her fat checks, not us locals.

A lot of times, our elected officials get to Annapolis and seemingly forget why they are there. They are sent to Annapolis to serve the people, but they end up coming back to Baltimore with Annapolis’ agenda and to hell with the needs of Baltimore City. They push slots down our throats. They push the lottery down our throats. They push table gambling down our throats – all the while promising money for education. You know, we’ve been hearing that lie since the 1970s: Money for education! Yeah, right! And, when they finally do make some type of investment into our schools, they want a lot of credit for what was already slated to happen decades ago.

There’s a whole lot of magic in this show, so please don’t blink!

Mike Miller and Martin O’Malley had full domination over Maryland politics but it has taken Ehrlich and now Gov. Larry Hogan to actually do some things to effectuate change in Baltimore, like putting up $600 million for the next mayor to curb the blight. I should add that Sheila Dixon has an excellent rapport with Gov. Hogan and can hit the ground with money already in the bank.

Further, Sheila is the only candidate in this race that has won citywide.

And that’s when Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (SRB) comes into the television camera with her gibberish of how great a job she’s done as mayor – even though she was MIA during the height of the Freddie Gray disaster leaving our “rookie” governor with no other option but to send in the National Guard.

In her infinite wisdom, she said Gov. Hogan was acting like a rookie. That was the best thing she could think to say, instead of – maybe, ‘Thank  you’?

You think?

Both Pugh and SRB are one in the same. Please, don’t be fooled. They are both seemingly more concerned with winning points with the National Democratic Party than they are with actually serving the people of Baltimore. And it sickens me to my core.

All my life I’ve been told to vote Democratic. However, when I look at the actions of people like Miller, O’Malley, SRB and Pugh, I do not see where my community is or has ever been a priority. If it were different, then Freddie Gray would have never occurred. But, no! Miller has stuck his head into this race. Martin O’Malley disciple Alex Sanchez and his Clean Slate pac have inserted their rhetoric. Sanchez is responsible for putting out the Photo Shopped mug shots of Sheila. It is so disrespectful but yet highly representative of the character of the O’Malley clan. Remember, O’Malley locked up one in six Baltimoreans while mayor. That will forever be his legacy and now, the entire country knows it.

If anybody is a thief, Sanchez may want to consider O’Malley. After all, he lifted furniture out of the State House. Even more, O’Malley blew $200 million on an Obama care website that was totally scrapped. Governor O’Malley then spent an additional $80 million on the Connecticut model. Gov. Larry Hogan, to his credit, has recouped about $45 million of that $200 million. Point is: that’s a lot of money. Gone down the toilet. And yet, the Maryland Democratic Party has been quieter than a church mouse on this issue.

The party has also been quiet on the $60 million missing from Baltimore City Public Schools and the millions in homeless funds that SRB has to return to the feds. We do not hear about this stuff in the mainstream media just like we’ve barely heard a peep about the trial of the six officers charged with killing Freddie Gray.

And, we also know that since the State’s Attorney’s office was not able to get one conviction, the Maryland Democratic machine politely shifted their initial mayoral support for Nick Mosby to Cathy Pugh.

No thanks, Senator Pugh.

As a man who was born and raised in Baltimore, I am utterly insulted when these people – who have no respect for Baltimore nor much understanding of the actual politcal history here – have the audacity to try and tell us real Baltimoreans for whom to vote. We can read. We can reason. And it is glaringly conclusive that the Democratic establishment in Maryland is adamant about blocking Sheila Dixon from getting back to her post at City Hall. Tell you something else: the machine is against Donna Edwards, too!

Like I stated in my column yesterday, this is all about power.  It has nothing to do with gift cards or the like. Not at all! This is about who will run this city. Will it be Mike Miller’s personal political puppet, Senator Pugh, or will it be Sheila, the Baltimore-born and bred Mayor who had the testicular fortitude to challenge the seemingly indomitable Martin O’Malley?

Truth is, Sheila chose her own police commissioner, her own policing style, and her own Presidential candidate. And O’Malley hated her for doing so, too. O’Malley liked locking up people and he supported Hillary Clinton. Sheila Dixon, being the woman she is, chose a more community-oriented style of policing where officers got out of their cars and engaged the people and additionally, Sheila Dixon proudly proclaimed her support for the first black President of these United States, Barack Obama.

Interestingly, O’Malley tried his hand for President recently and was instantly shown his lack. Nonetheless, I’m sorta surprised that Martin’s people would still try and slander Sheila. O’Malley? Of all people, he should go sit down.

Miller thinks we’re a ghetto. Pugh didn’t even know the riot was happening in her own district. (You can’t make this stuff up).

But, some way, somehow – I am supposed to believe that these people have my city’s best interest at heart.

Please, dear Lord!

The people I personally respect are heavily supportive of Sheila Dixon for Mayor. This list includes incredible business owners and entrepreneurs who have gone against all odds to establish their business prowess, like Erich March of March Funeral Homes who is now operating in Prince George’s County, Washington, D.C. and Virginia – all from their humble beginnings on East North Avenue, Pless Jones of P&J Contracting, Kevin Brown of NANCY by SNAC, Jimmy Britton of Class Act Catering, Attorney-extraordinaire Bob DeShields, Esquire, and Louis Monk of Patterson Park Laundry.

These guys hire people in my community. They serve my community. Therefore, they have incredible clout in my community.

They should be revered in the record books for being bona fide heroes and true champions of the people. They give of themselves and their resources to help create opportunities for others. Now, that’s the Holy Spirit!

In a day and time when black people are adjudicated more than anybody else in the world (America incarcerates 25% of the world’s inmates although we are 5% of the world’s population; 44% of these inmates are black men; black women are the fastest growing demographic), we know better than anybody else in America that these and other businesses like them deserve our full support because they are most likely to give returning citizens a chance to work. Yep! These business owners and those like them are most likely to help turn Baltimore around because they have sense enough to look out for their brother. They know that if they don’t help, nobody else will. I admire that in a big way. That’s what we are supposed to do: Help each other. But, too often, you get these superficial people in office who never look out for anybody and then they wonder why people can’t stomach them.

Furthermore, these business owners have clearly seen thru the chicanery of Pugh and the Maryland Democratic establishment and have courageously leveraged their reputations in support of Sheila Dixon for Mayor in spite of it. I respect that and I salute them!

This is the side of Baltimore that supports: Real local business icons with long records of stellar service to the community who all have a genuine vested interest in Baltimore, not interloping carpetbaggers who are more interested in earning points with the National Democratic Party than they are with actually fixing and transforming the greatest city in America.

Talk is cheap, Ms. Pugh! If you’re gonna say something, then tell the truth!

We, the people, are sticking with the most qualified person and the only mother in the race: Sheila Dixon. I say this because parenting … mothering … is the hardest job in our society. That alone qualifies Dixon in my book. She has two fine children who both embrace academic excellence. (Must be the school teacher in Sheila!).

Sheila Dixon also has the experience, the track record, but more importantly and unlike Pugh (the female Martin O’Malley when it comes to the TV cameras), Dixon has a lot of authentic love for the people of Baltimore. And the people love her right back – from East Baltimore to Penn-North. Sheila can walk anywhere in Baltimore and people will come up and give her a hug. I have seen this happen countless times.

Unlike Pugh, Dixon doesn’t look down her nose at poor people. Nope! Sheila has a lot of love for the everyday Baltimoreans … and it shows!

We don’t care what Martin O’Malley says. We don’t care what Alex Sanchez’s nasty commercials say. We don’t care what Mike Miller says. Pugh can go kick rocks because we love Sheila Dixon and that’s all that needs to be said. I am of the belief that it is the policies and procedures of these people, including SRB, that ultimately led to the Freddie Gray uprising in the first place.

Please, help Team Dixon save Baltimore from future civil unrest. The people currently in charge have no clue on how to treat people. Elect a proven champion of the people, including our wonderfully blessed business community: Ms. Sheila Dixon.

Join me by voting for Sheila Dixon for Mayor on April 26th or during Early Voting: April 14th to the 21st. #sheiladixonformayor