The Glover Report: The Maryland Democratic Party is On Trial: Vote April 26th for Sheila Dixon, Donna Edwards

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Early Voting is April 14th to April 21st

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 7, 2016) – The Democratic Party is on trial in Maryland by way of two races: the US Senate race to replace the Barbara Mikulski and the Baltimore City Mayoral Race. In short, the powers that be in the Maryland politics have their picks. In the Senate race, the establishment supports Congressman Chris Van Hollen. In the Baltimore City Mayor’s race, Senate President Mike Miller, who represents Southern Maryland including a sliver of Prince George’s County, is a monumental supporter of Catherine Pugh.

Miller is also noted for calling Baltimore a ghetto, which is why he can never become Governor of Maryland. A Republican has a better chance than does he.

As Dr. Wilbert Wilson stated on yesterday’s show, “Donna Edwards and Sheila Dixon: These two women will carry Maryland into a brand new day.” Wilson, the author of “The Power that Never Came”, suggests that the upcoming election is going to usher in a change that is long overdue.

One could suggest that Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown’s lost to Republican challenger Larry Hogan sent a signal that the Maryland Democratic Party is in trouble. It is in trouble, I think, because for too long, it has ignored the needs of its most loyal demographic: African Americans.

“It’s the politics”, Sheila Dixon has stated when it comes to what’s wrong with Baltimore. And frankly, it is such a sophisticated game that only the most organized get their voices heard.

People may not want to admit it, but there is a certain classism found in politics where few actually even want to be around poor people. And if we’re talking about the State of Maryland, then that would include a lot of black people.

Frederick Douglass, the famous Maryland who once beat up a slave breaker on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in the heat of slavery, said that “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” He said that it never has and it never will.

Last April, the young people of Baltimore let the world know that the black community has some demands. sheila dixon banner official

What’s most disturbing, I must add, is that all through the riots, we saw people at Penn-North who never came there before the civil disturbance; nor, have they returned. They got their interview and bounced. However, what is unfortunate is that it took the first civil unrest in Baltimore City in 47 years to actually get their attention.

There is a classism in the community when some blacks don’t care for poor blacks. Why? They don’t vote anyway, some suggest ….

… But I am reminded of the day Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. It was November 4, 2008. And on that day, I saw everybody in line in Sandtown voting. Regardless of folks’ station in life, I saw people lined-up all the way outside the door. I have never seen that before; Not here in Sandtown. But it did happen because people had madd love for him.

That same energy must be harnessed again. Sheila Dixon and Donna Edwards, if you ask me, are the only two people an unapologetically black man could vote for given that they both have a common enemy.

Black people make up 30% of this state. And while we do indeed have a black President down the road, there are times when slavery still seems to be live and in full effect in Maryland. I have witnessed our black politicians, time and time again, give away their power politically.

We don’t need leaders who give away power. We need leaders who will use the power to serve the people. This same Democratic monster – the one that did not support Kweisi Mfume for Senate or C. Anthony Muse for Senate – seems to think that a black person doesn’t deserve to be a US Senator in 2016 – with a black President down the road.

donna edwards for senateThat’s Maryland? Or, that’s the old Maryland?

On April 26th, I encourage all of you to vote for Donna Edwards for US Senate and vote for Sheila Dixon for Mayor of Baltimore City. They are fighters who can hold their own with the best of them.

I am proud of both of these two women’s campaigns. They have gone without the benefit of the Democratic establishment’s support and are proving that it can, in fact, be done.