KEON MYERS aka LIL KEY … to be Recognized at Black Wall Street HOWARD STREET, 4.12.16, 630-830p, Ultimate Concierge, 300 W. 23rd Street, BALTIMORE

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Lil Key

By Bmorenews Staff

(BALTIMORE – March 23, 2016) – Bmorenews is proud to announce that Lil Key will be among the newest cadre of honorees receiving a Joe Manns Black Wall Street Award on April 12th. In addition to the awards, the event will feature keynote speaker and Baltimore business champion Sheila Dixon along with Dr. Wilbert Wilson, author of “The Power That Never Came.” RSVP to


​Keon Myers, also known as Lil Key, is a 15-year-old talented inspirational rap artist and a Baltimore City resident. He is a scholarly student and 10th grader who loves spending time with his family and participating in extracurricular activities such as swimming, playing the drums, football and basketball.   Lil Key always maintains really good grades and is consistent with being on the Principal’s and Honor Rolls.  He has a passion for writing, rapping and recording music. In his spare time from studying and playing sports, Lil Key is in the recording studio creating catchy and inspirational lyrics to some of the hottest beats. The best part about his songs is that they are appropriate for all age groups. In spite of his right arm birth injury, Brachial Plexus, Lil Key continually strives to succeed above and beyond his expected capacity, and is a great example and role model for all youth and adults to follow.


Lil Key began his music/rap career in 2011.  He was inspired by his Mother (Singer and Actress) and Uncle (Rapper and Writer) who produced and performed in several community talent shows.  Lil Key released his first full music CD on Saturday, April 6, 2013 during his 13th Birthday Party at Overlea Hall in Baltimore, MD.  The CD is titled “MY LIFE” and features a compilation of 10 songs that express the trials, success and aspirations of Lil Key, with beats from the genres of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Reggae.  The CD also features contributions from some great music producers, video producers and talent such as Dukey Man, EFromDaWic, Skarr Akbar, Jay Oliver, King Tutt, Juriel Majeed and  Wiz Productions. Three of the popular songs from the CD are “Backpack Flow”, “Champion” and “Struggle”.  The 3 music videos with positive messages were created by Juriel Majeed of Real Unique Media (Backpack Flow and Young & Bold) and Wiz Productions (Whatever You Wanna Be).  Lil Key released his second CD, “KEY 2 SUCCESS:  MY LIFE VOL. 2” on December 20, 2014, which showcases more hot songs:  “F.O.E. Cypher” (featuring Journee and YG Da Don), “Foam City” and “Thank You”.  The second CD also introduces the collaboration of Lil Key with another talented teen, DJ OKKK.  The Listening and Release Party for his second CD in April 2015 was attended by hundreds of students in the Baltimore area.

​ On Friday. February 5, 2016, Lil Key premiered his new video “Love To Hate Me” on, approximately 2 days prior to the release of Beyonce’s new video “Formation”.  Lil Key was also recently recognized by music mogul Jermaine Dupri on Instagram as a strong candidate for the Youth reality rap show  “The Rap Games.”


Lil Key is committed to engaging in community service and empowering the youth in partnership with  a variety of entities to include city/state officials and community/non-profit agencies. Lil Key performs at over community 100 events per year, with the majority happening during the Summer months.  Several of his community/volunteer contributions and performances include:  The Baltimore Boxing Renaissance III, Empowering Minds of MD’s Youth (EMMY), The Youth Bmore Summer Block Party (Headliner), The Speak Life Tour (Headliner), Shoe City (Spokes Model), The Webster Kendrick Boys & Girls Club Anti-Bulling Rally , THINGAMAGIG INVENTION CONVENTION 2013 in DC; Community Block Parties in Baltimore; Fun Day@Michael A. Henson Elementary; Why Women Cry VIII 2013 with BET’s Marcus Canty; Priceless Gown  Project; The Annual Bullying Conference;  Peace March in Brownsville, NY; The 92Q Teen Summit 2012 at Mondawmin Mall with Mario;  Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s Back To School Rally;  Day of Hope East and West and volunteering at The Bea Gaddy Family Center.  Lil Key also received a Certificate of Recognition from Mayor Rawlings-Blake, a Resolution from Councilman Nicholas Mosby of the 7th Congressional District and a Certificate of Appreciation from Senator Nathaniel McFadden 45th District for his continued service and dedication. 

Lil Key is recognized for having “the mind of a leader and the heart of a lion”.  He has positively impacted and changed the lives of people with his music and testimony of his Brachial Plexus birth injury.  Also, at the age of 5 years old, Lil Key was run over by a car and placed in a full body cast for 2 months.  In two separate memorable instances, Lil Key’s performance was greatly inspiring to fans pertaining to their personal experiences.  One young lady was a victim of bullying and contemplated committing suicide.  She experienced Lil Key’s performance of his “Struggle” song at an Anti-Bullying “Teen Summit Event” hosted by Radio One 92Q at Mondawmin Mall during the Summer of 2013.  During the open forum discussion, the young lady shared her bullying experience and her suicidal tendencies.  She expressed that Lil Key’s song really helped her overcome the desire to end her life.  She realized that if he could continue his journey of life in spite of his obstacles, then she could also.  In another instance, Lil Key was visiting his Grandmother in a Nursing Home and met a 27 year old woman with a Brachial Plexus injury.  The woman was very ashamed of her condition and barely came outside or interacted with the public.  After meeting Lil Key, hearing his music, understanding his story and goals for life, realizing his openness about his birth injury, and his emerging status as a positive public figure, the woman was able to change her life and become more confident about herself.

In addition to community and volunteer performances, Lil Key has performed in several professional arenas.  Some of the professional performances include Kings Dominion (Summers 2015, 2014 and 2013); The African American Heritage Festival in Baltimore, MD with an audience of thousands of attendees (Summer 2014 and 2013); and Opened for Future and Crush ‘Em Entertainment in Baltimore, MD (2012).


Lil Key was endorsed by the Baltimore, MD based retailer, Shoe City, in November 2014.  Shoe City has been one of the most reliable and trusted fashion retailers providing the latest styles in apparel and footwear for men, women and kids.  The mission of Shoe City is to provide affordable fashion trends, excellent service and a partnership with the community.  Lil Key prides himself on upholding the mission of Shoe City each day in the words and action he exhibits to people in person and online.


Lil Key has thriving social media pages – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  He is one of the Administrators of his pages, along with his Managers and Publicist. Lil Key is extremely aware of his personal and social responsibility to effectively and professionally manage his social media pages. His text, picture and video posts are intended to inspire and empower his fans.  Lil Key currently maintains the following number of fans on his social media pages:  Instagram = 6,762; Facebook = 1,036; and Twitter = 642, with the numbers growing more each day.  Lil Key and his Management Team have developed and adopted the following hashtags:  #BmoreLilKey, #LilKeyUpNext, #TeamLilKey, #TLK, #TLKTheTeam, #LifeWithLilKey, #TeenRapper, #TeenRapArtist and #StandUp.  Lil Key can be followed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter via @BmoreLilKey.  The website for Lil Key is

Lil Key has also acquired a number of media and press placements since the beginning of his career.  Listed below are some of the most prominent interviews and/or articles:

Interview – 92Q RAPATTACK w/Ajay and Angel Baby – Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The 7th District Magazine c/o Councilman Nicholas Mosby – Winter 2012

Interview – “Making A Difference” of ABC2 News with Sherrie Johnson  – Monday, March 11, 2013

Interview (On Site) for African American Heritage Festival – Friday, July 5, 2013; ABC2 News with Sherrie Johnson 

Interview – You Stream Radio – The Diamond K Show – July 2013

Article – Be a Role Model: 4 Back to School Tips for Parents – Aug 13, 2013

Interview (Live and In Studio) – WBFF Fox 45 – Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brownsville, NY – Peace March Coverage by Dana Arschin of News 12


Lil Key has a strong and assertive team that assists him with his personal and professional endeavors, and to help keep him grounded.  Listed below are the Team Members 


“Lil Key is a Rap Sensation” (Sherrie Johnson, WMAR ABC2 News)

“I love, love, love, love, love Lil Key.  I watch his video “Backpack Flow”
Three times every day – in the morning, at lunch and at the end of my day!” 
(Tisha Edwards – Former CEO Baltimore City Public Schools)

I like your style, my friend! Keep up the good work and stay on the positive tip always!  Fabulous music and lyrics! – (Vytas Reid – WBFF Fox 45 News – Baltimore, MD)

“This world needs more people like you.” (YouTube Fan)

“Gotta love kids praising education.” (YouTube Fan)

“Some hope in Baltimore after all.” (YouTube Fan)

“Great video – love it (Backpack Flow).”  (YouTube Fan)  

“This is good for the community.” (YouTube Fan)

“Awesome video with a great message (Backpack Flow).”  (YouTube Fan)

“Lovely. I cannot see one single flaw in this video.  It is perfect! (Backpack Flow).” (YouTube Fan)

“Lil Key is a very good role model.  He can make a change in Baltimore” (61 year old Male Fan)

“Keep up the great work.  You are such a blessing” (Helen Mackall from Day Of Hope @Helen Mackall Park)

“Lil Key’s song ‘Struggle’ allowed me to reflect on my own personal life.  He gave me goose bumps”. (Greg Harrell, former L.A. Raider and Bobsleigh Olympian 1992)


Lil Key looks forward to graduating from High School and attending college. He plans to pursue his music career as a Rap artist fulltime and venture into landing some leading roles as an actor. Lil Key wants to develop a nationwide campaign for young people to excel and obtain a great education with a focus on Anti-Bullying and Youth Violence Prevention.  He is also in the process of developing a non-profit organization to better assist injured and disabled children.