Dr. Wilbert Wilson, Author of “The Power That Never Came” to be featured at Black Wall Street HOWARD STREET, 4.12.16

the power that never came

“The Power That Never Came” by Dr. Wilbert R. Wilson and Randolph L. Wilson

“The wealthiest and highest educated blacks in the nation have failed to protect their political and economic power.” – Dr. Wilbert Wilson

By Bmorenews

(BALTIMORE – March 23, 2016) – In addition to a wonderful lineup of honorees, including Esther Corbett and Catonya Lester, Black Wall Street HOWARD STREET will also feature Dr. Wilbert Wilson, the new author of “The Power That Never Came”. Scheduled for April 12th at the Ultimate Concierge (300 W. 23rd St., Baltimore, MD), RSVP at http://blackwallstreethowardstreet.eventbrite.com.

Wilson, a strong political figure both in Maryland and nationally, has produced a fine literary work that speaks to the heart of the issue politically here in Maryland. A resident of Prince George’s County, Wilson discusses the challenges facing what could otherwise be a model for the rest of Black America. Politically, Prince George’s County has the largest number of blacks in Maryland. Economically, its known for its historically high median income.

“The Power that Never Came” tells how a county with so much potential, has watched its community self-destruct, similar to the destruction of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This book portrays the county citizens as transient, smart and naive with regard to holding those in leadership accountable to their community. It discusses the black leadership of the county being fragmented and how this has harmed and prohibited the county from becoming a model for the nation.

With his knowledge, experience, and extensive research, Dr. Wilbert Wilson has documented events that have led to the state of economics and political power (or lack thereof) for African-Americans in the wealthiest county in the nation for Black America, Prince George’s County, Maryland.