Black Wall Street HOWARD STREET to Recognize Esther Corbett, 4.12.16 @The Ultimate Concierge


Esther A. Kane-Corbett, Entrepreneur

By Bmorenews Staff

(BALTIMORE – March 22, 2016) – Esther Corbett will be recognized with other honorees on April 12, 2016 at Black Wall Street HOWARD STREET. The featured speaker will be Sheila Dixon. RSVP to

Who is Esther?

Esther A. Kane-Corbett, age 47, known to some as Nita or Queen Esther, is a lady who has worn a plethora of hats in her lifetime.  She is the oldest child of Nadine Kane and the Late Ralph W. Cornick and oldest grandchild of Esther M.Kane and the Late Joseph F. Kane, Jr.

Esther lives a life that many of us only read about and admire from afar. Her tenacity is to be envied.  For one, she is a survivor of a multitude of health conditions and surgeries, so much so that one might imagine her being bitter, angry or questioning ‘Why me?’; but, not Esther.

Instead, she went on to marry the man her mother could only dream of for her daughter, Milton L. Corbett. Together, they share 27 years of marriage. They have an extremely talented son, whom she manages, Nathan E. Corbett. Nathan, the apple of their eye, is an actor who was seen in “The Wire”, “Law & Order SVU,” “Cold Case” and in several movies including one that was nominated for an Academy Award, “Half Nelson”.

For 20 years, Esther has owned and operated KC Small Wonders, a daycare for children whose parents expect nothing but the best.  Esther loves children and they her. She has been referred to as the “Pied Piper” and her daycare children are sad when they have to leave ‘Ms. Nita’s’  place.

Mrs. Corbett has numerous themes for her daycare angels and makes learning fun for them and has a calm but no-nonsense manner of educating the children whom, she knows, are our future. She does this with perfection. Those same attributes carryover to her church family life where she has served in several roles, including in the Youth Department, as Choir Director, as Business Manager, and as Special Events Coordinator.

Esther is the mastermind behind many social and family events, including coordinating photo shoots and care packages for breast cancer patient associates annually in Atlanta. Esther is also employed at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as a Simulated Communication Trainer where her role is to teach medical students about interpersonal skills needed for their survival as doctors. Additionally, she appears in medical training videos for the world-renowned institution. Mrs. Corbett has been in this role for six years while managing her daycare without missing a beat.

Esther’s first love is God, followed closely by her family. Jesus is the center of her life and she does not hide that fact and if you know “Queen Esther”, then you know how obvious it is that she cares about how she presents to her Lord and Savior.  She knows who she is and Whose she is.  She is certainly not ashamed of the Gospel and gives honor where it is due…to her Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wherever Esther plants her feet, she is active with children, decor, and music. Esther was a parent volunteer at every school her son attended and was the music teacher at St Anthony’s of Padua, forever reminding that “parenting is from the cradle to the grave: it never ends!”

Esther also loves home and is often creating displays with her DYI talents and themes based on whatever holiday it is. She keeps an inviting, beautiful, warm and welcoming home where good times and good food is found.  Esther genuinely believes if she is in town and well that she is expected to make and or create things to make life better for all, including family, friends and/or people just along the way. She loves gatherings and loves making her home comfortable for her family and close friends. As if “Queen Esther” isn’t busy enough, she is also a party planner and has planned the most elaborate parties for people from all walks of life. Esther is a planner who has a special talent and good eye for detail.  She has style and everyone knows it.

Esther is probably the most devoted Ravens fan that this city has ever seen and has hosted and done many events with the Baltimore Ravens in support of them while assisting those in need who would, otherwise, not have been able to attend a game or a practice. She has been called, “The Purple Bling Queen”  as it pertains to her devotion to the Ravens.  Esther and the Ravens have something else in common: her daycare was established in 1996, which is the same year the Ravens came to Baltimore. So, therefore she believes their connection is real.

Esther has a heart of gold, well “Purple “and is always in support of others.  “Queen Esther”

adheres, rather assiduously, to the belief that every day should be lived like it is one’s last day.