Guest Editorial: Congrats Al “Mad Dog” Marcus! Baltimore’s Finest Retires After 41 Years

efren maddog

Baltimore City Police Officer Al “Mad Dog” Marcus (left) retires after four decades of service.

By Efren Edwards

(BALTIMORE – March 5, 2016) – The first time I met Al, I was home for spring break. My nephew (Fred) and I had a flat tire at Taylor Ave and Hillen Rd. in the Northeastern District. Al was off-duty. He pulled over and gave us a hand. I told him I was home for spring break.

He then asked me what I wanted to do after college? I replied, “I would like to play professional football. Other than that, l have no idea.”

He gave me his card and said if I think about law enforcement to give him a call. I called him but he never returned my calls. Anyway… I applied. At the time Officer Frances, who later retired as Major Pete Frances, asked me if I had any references. I told him I knew “Mad Dog”.

He replied, “Al Marcus?” I stated, “Yes”. To make a long story short, I was hired in a week. His reputation started 30 years ago for me. My first night on the street, a foot chase was dispatched to 14 post sector 1. Charles Koonce Jr (my field trainer) and I responded from Belvedere and Park Heigts. Twenty feet away from the corner – we see Al chasing some kid. I caught the guy and turned to Al and said, “You don’t remember me?” Al said, “No.”

I reminded him of the time he helped us fix a flat, and the next thing out his mouth was “Guess football didn’t work out for you, huh”? He and Chuck laughed all night, … and all week! That’s the Al I will always remember. If you give him an opening … duck, ’cause it’s coming. I’m still amazed how he kept that same smile on his face for 41 years of service.

Anyway… drive off into the sunset bro. Drive far, drive fast and don’t look back. A retirement well earned!