The Glover Report: Penn-North Unity in the Community Awards to Celebrate Local Heroes & Sheroes

penn north unity in the community“Service is the rent we pay for living.” – Marian Wright Edelman

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – February 10, 2016) – Since the civil unrest in Baltimore last April, there are several unsung heroes and sheroes who stepped up to the plate so as to help this city get back on track. Whether big or small, all of their efforts are appreciated.

Too often, such deeds – as helping a business re-open or helping a block clean up debris – are overlooked.

Tonight, we shall take a moment and thank some of these special souls for simply spreading the love.

Take Christina Flowers, for instance. I personally know how hard she works to make sure people are not homeless. She gives unselfishly of herself all of the time and also holds elected officials accountable.

And then there is Slimmyko. She helped lead the Empress March last May; this included dozens of women who marched Historic Pennsylvania Avenue in support of the men in the community. How selfless?

So often, we hear people tearing down folks. However, had you seen the march, you too would be inspired and reminded that despite all of the foolishness, there is a love that is real and it still exists in our community.

We encourage you to come out tonight (6-8pm) and spend some time with us at 2520 Pennsylvania Avenue. Thanks to US Senator Barbara Mikulski, Baltimore City Council President Bernard Jack Young and Delegate Antonio Hayes, we will be celebrating these local legends and hopefully inspire others to do a little bit more to help make Baltimore the great city it really is.

We will be joined tonight by Kyana Graham (our emcee) and Elder CD Witherspoon, who will give the opening prayer.

Honorees include:
Flawless Damsels Boutique
Land of Kush
Summar Goodman
Brandi Hunter
Shaqueal Wilson
Melinda Bailey
Stacey Fowlkes
Van Brooks
Karen Outlaw
Marvin Hayes
Sharon Hayes
Ivan Bates, Esquire
Marvin McDowell
Chanelle Cooper
Darryl D. Barber, Jr.
Rev. Franklin Lance
Christina Flowers &