BALTIMORE (Feb. 20)/WASHINGTON (March 19): In Memory of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (March 18, 1935 – January 2, 2016)


Frances Cress Welsing (born Frances Luella Cress; March 18, 1935 – January 2, 2016) was an afrocentrist[1] psychiatrist. Her 1970 essay, The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy), offered her interpretation on the origins of white supremacy culture.

She was the author of The Isis Papers : The Keys to the Colors (1991). In her writing, Welsing discusses that white people are the result of a genetic mutation of albinism and are the outcast offspring of the original peoples of Africa.[2][3] Welsing caused controversy after she said that homosexuality among African-Americans was a ploy by white males to decrease the black population.[4]

Early life

Welsing was born Frances Luella Cress in Chicago, Illinois on March 18, 1935.[5] Her father, Henry N. Cress was a physician, and her mother, Ida Mae Griffen, was a teacher.[5] In 1957, she earned a B.S. degree at Antioch College and in 1962 received a M.D. at Howard University. In the 1960s, Welsing moved to Washington, D.C. and worked at many hospitals, especially children’s hospitals.[5]


Welsing stated that a system is practiced by the global white minority, on both conscious and unconscious levels, to ensure their genetic survival by any means necessary.[5] According to Welsing, this system attacks people of color, particularly people of African descent, in the nine major areas of people’s activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war.[4] She believed it is imperative that people of color, especially those of African descent, understand her theory of white supremacy in order to defeat it.[6]

Melanin theorywelsing2

In The Isis Papers she stated the melanin theory, that white people are the genetically defective descendants of albino mutants. She also states that because of this “defective” mutation, they may have been forcibly expelled from Africa, among other possibilities.[2]

Welsing suggested that, because it is so easy for pure whiteness to be genetically lost during interracial mixing, White-skinned people developed an aggressive colonial urge and their societies dominated others militarily in order to preserve this White-skinned purity. Welsing ascribes certain inherent and behavioral differences between black and white people to a “melanin deficiency” in white people. She proposed the following “Functional Definition Of Racism”[2]

Functional Definition Of Racism = White Supremacy = Apartheid: As a black behavioral scientist and practicing psychiatrist, my own functional definition of racism (white supremacy) is as follows: “Racism (white supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structure, maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined; which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action, and emotional response, as conducted, simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth – a planet upon which the vast and overwhelming majority of people are classified as non-white (black, brown, red and yellow) by white-skinned people, and all of the non-white people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white-skinned people.”[2]

Unified field theory

Welsing discusses her “Unified Field Theory Psychiatry” as a broader framework, encompassing biology, psychology, and physics, as prerequisite to understanding the etiology of a unified field of energy phenomena, specifically the “behavior-energy” underlying racial conflict. She states that her position is more analogous to the “determinist” model of physicist Albert Einstein, than to the “indeterminacy” theories of Max Born and Werner Heisenberg. Furthermore, she asserts that both homosexuality and sexism are necessarily derived from this behavior-energy system.[2]

welsing3Attribution of symbols

A large part of Welsing’s writings also pertain to Freudian theory, and particularly to analysis of the meaning of symbols. She presents an extensive interpretation of broad categories of symbolic objects: guns and weapons, Christ and the Holy Cross, ball games, boxing, smoking objects, paper money and gold.[2]

Other explanations on the origin and functional mechanism of White supremacy are described in her collection of essays concern the meaning and symbolism of rape and of unjustifiable homicide. Her analysis of mass-homicide, or genocide, concludes that the Holocaust and systematic destruction of Jews was caused by white fear of genetic annihilation by “non-Aryan” peoples. Therefore, she believes it to illustrate to all non-white ethnicities that they are in peril of extermination:[2]

No matter how much you may shrink the size of your nose, no matter how many doctors, lawyers, judges, professors, scholars you may produce, no matter how many Einsteins, Freuds, Marxes, or Rubensteins you produce, no matter how much money, diamonds, and gold you may obtain, if you are classified as “non-white” under the conditions of white supremacy domination, when the hammer of white supremacy falls, you will be under that hammer.[2]

Objects and racial analogies

According to Welsing, various cultural practices express white people’s sense of their own inferiority:

On both St. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, the white male gives gifts of chocolate candy with nuts…. If his sweetheart ingests “chocolate with nuts”, the white male can fantasize that he is genetically equal to the Black male…. Is it not also curious that when white males are young and vigorous, they attempt to master the large brown balls, but as they become older and wiser, they psychologically resign themselves to their inability to master the large brown balls? Their focus then shifts masochistically to hitting the tiny white golf balls in disgust and resignation — in full final realization of white genetic recessiveness.[2]

Welsing further contended that white male sexism is rooted in envy, “because Black is always genetically dominant to White”:

[…] I have said all of the above to state that, yes, there is envy in the white supremacy culture, but it began with the white male’s envy of the genetic power residing in the Black male’s testicles and phallus. Perhaps there was also envy of the comparatively longer length of the Black phallus. The sense of his relative genetic weakness and inferiority compared to Black males (because Black is always genetically dominant to white) caused the white male to attempt to project “inferiority” on white females as well.[7]


Welsing was criticized for stating that black male homosexuality was imposed on the black man by the white man to reduce the size of the black population,[4] that white homosexuality is a sign of weakness, and that homosexual patterns of behavior are simply expressions of black male self-submission to other males in the area of sex, as well as in other areas such as economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, and war.[5]


Welsing suffered a stroke on January 1, 2016, and was placed under critical condition at a Washington, D.C.-area hospital.[8] She died a few hours later on the morning of January 2, 2016, at the age of 80.[8][9]

Film appearances

  • Welsing appeared in the documentary 500 Years Later (2005), directed by Owen Alik Shahadah, and written by M. K. Asante.[10]
  • Welsing also appeared in the documentary Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent is a 2011 documentary film by Tariq Nasheed. (2011), directed by Tariq Nasheed. [11]
  • She also appeared on episodes of “For the People” on WHUT-TV in the 1980s/90s. (Source: