Dea Thomas for Baltimore City Council, 11th District


Dea Thomas for Baltimore City Council, 11th District

Meet Dea

Born here in Baltimore, Dea’s mother met her father when they were nurses at University of Maryland Medical System.  Her parents taught her to value her mind; nurture her health; and take care of our communities.  They instilled in her the importance of education and giving back.  This initiated Dea’s drive to serve the families in our communities, specifically by working to optimize health care, because healthy families create and sustain healthy communities.

Dea believes youth education, mentorship, and leadership are paramount to the health of our communities, and will form the foundation for our economic, social, and political infrastructure of the future.  As a mentor with SHARPkids and volunteer for Changing Turn Community Health Services, Dea nurtures and invests in our youth’s curiosity, ingenuity, bravery, compassion and leadership.  These experiences afford her invaluable opportunities to observe our communities through the eyes and ears of our future, and enhance her understanding of the needs for the most vulnerable people among us.

Dea began her public service career ten years ago on the Ben Cardin for U.S. Senate campaign.  She was honored to serve Maryland’s constituency at Capitol Hill on his behalf.  As a member of Senator Cardin’s legislative staff, Dea covered universal health care reform – finding ways to end health care disparities, improving the children’s health insurance program, and related health/wellness issues.  Dea is proud to advocate for access to quality, affordable health care as she believes it is a right and not a privilege.

After working in the U.S. Senate, Dea joined local 1199 Service Employees International Union (SEIU) where she continued efforts toward affordable health care by facilitating the implementation of a $4.6 million Green Grant issued by the U.S. Department of Labor.  The grant provided workforce training to over 500 workers, reduced the carbon footprint of 9 health care institutions throughout Maryland, and promoted cost savings by increasing recycling on patient floors, using rechargeable batteries, and initiating composting programs.

Dea continues to advocate for working families, workforce development, and patient centered healthcare in her current role at Johns Hopkins Home Care Group.  She serves as a hospital administrator working with Hopkins physicians to integrate an expansive health care software system that will enhance care for seniors and children across Maryland.

Education: B.A., Political Science, Howard University; M.S., Health Systems Management, University of Baltimore.

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