Op/Ed: From the Desk of Delegate Jill P. Carter, House of Delegates, Maryland: Changing Laws in Maryland: NOTICE A TREND?

jill carter16

(PHOTO: Courtesy) – Delegate Jill P. Carter on floor of House of Delegates (green top) listens as Delegate Cory McCray addresses the Speaker.

By Delegate Jill P. Carter

(ANNAPOLIS – January 27 2016) – Family, today we heard bills: to expand arrest powers of state police within local municipalities; increase the max penalty for 2nd degree murder from 30 yrs to 40 yrs; limit defendants’ sentencing options in cases where a sentence of life without parole is sought by the prosecutor; and increase the statute of limitations for solicitation and conspiracy to commit murder to name a few.

Notice a trend that seems contrary to modern wisdom on criminal justice sentencing? ‪#‎MDGA‬ ‪#‎Session2016‬