TGR: Sheila Dixon In the Lead, But Fighting Like She’s In Last Place

sheila dixon official16By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – January 26, 2016) – Yes, I am biased. I think Sheila Dixon is the best candidate to be the next Mayor of Baltimore and wholeheartedly believe she will serve the best interest of the people. The recent Gonzales poll seems to agree.

Despite those who believe otherwise, many people all over town keep encouraging her to get back in office. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

From Northwood to Fell’s Point – from Pigtown to Park Heights to MLK Boulevard, people all over this great city – black and white, Latino and Asian, and our Native American brothers and sisters – people identify with her and wish her the best. So, as we reach the 90 day mark, I’m sure the fight will be grueling. I can say that this woman has ran a very positive campaign and plans to keep it that way.

But, let’s be clear – she is a warrior. Nobody in this race understands what’s about to happen as well as she.

While she’s fighting like she’s in last place, I am truly, truly proud of Baltimore mayoral candidate Sheila Dixon and her tenacity, and I am even more confident that she will make our city proud as Mayor. I think we will see a safer Baltimore, a healthier and smarter city, and I expect to see many people and businesses reinvesting in this the home of the greatest crab cake in the world.