The Glover Report: Special Thanks to Bmorenews IT Team! New site with archives as well

tyrone cloyd

Tyrone Cloyd, first introduced to us by Mario Armstrong (, is the quintessential IT guru. Special thanks also to Damion Lee of DLeeMedia, a phenomenal IT talent. These IT professionals are a reminder that we are only as good as our team. Thanks, fam!

New site with archives as well

(BALTIMORE – January 25, 2016) – I used to be a waiter. In that occupation, one of the things I learned was that without the chef and the cooks, there is no food. And no food equals no food.

For those who closely follow Bmorenews, you will notice a new face. It has been 8 years since we updated the site. It’s not like we didn’t want to do so. On the contrary, we’ve been dying for a new one. However, there was a challenge.

We needed to do a heavy procedure. Now, I’m no tech expert. I’m a writer. So, this was way above my paygrade. Long story short: A very special thanks to Tyrone Cloyd, Alexis Coates, Lady Joi S. Adams, and DLeeMedia.

Also, special thanks to Giovanni Hawkins.

I am reminded that if you work to be a blessing, you are quite likely to be blessed. So, continue to do good. And, we hope you like our new look, including a spot for our archives from the previous site (