Facebook LIVE, Today, 2 pm: Christina Flowers, Marsha Jews, Larry “The Celebrity Cab Driver”, & Doni Glover

(BALTIMORE – June 16, 2017) – Want the latest updates out of Baltimore? Then tune-in to Facebook LIVE at 2 pm (est) today as local journalists convene at “The Journalists Roundtable”. The show will broadcast LIVE from Terra Cafe, 101 E. 25th Street in Baltimore. Studio audience is welcome!

For more information or to be a panelist on future shows, call Bmorenews at 443.858.2684.

The show covers political, business and community issues. Panelists for today’s show include Christina Flowers (WOLB), Marsha Jews (WEAA), Larry “The Celebrity Cab Driver” (formerly WEAA), and Bmorenews.com publisher Doni Glover.

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